Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day Twelve

 The bay was quite nice!

Ok so I made Angela leave the hotel MUCH earlier than planned and we had been debating the whole "should we stay or should we go" thing the whole night... and honestly after the whole drug witness and feeling really out of sorts in that location, I had made the decision to seek out the Ibis (sort of like Holiday Inn here) there in Cardiff to see about checking in.... after we went to the Dr. Who Experience.  But first, we were super early so we sat on the wall by the bay under the trees and enjoyed watching the swans - there are a LOT of immature ones - aka less than 3 years old in the area (we found this out on the boat tour later)  Between them, the ducks and the nice sunny day I was quite happy to sit there and watch the school kids and the rest of the world walking by.

Millennium plaza in the distance with the carousel.  Very cute!  The deep red building to the right is Pierhead (

Then we were off to the Dr. Who Experience.  To make those feel better about the experience I'll tell you straight up, I'm glad I went.  I don't feel it was worth the amount of money spent to go, but it was fun, it was interesting and it was entertaining.  It is a 2 to 3 hour effort - period.  It's in a building that looks to be removable. ( It is NOT built for summer.  The bottom half is the "Gallifrey Museum"
Beginning in the Gallifrey Museum, be part of an interactive adventure with the Twelfth Doctor through space and time, then step behind the scenes into the world's largest collection of props, sets and costumes from the iconic TV show.
is exactly how they describe it on the site.  It is just that.  An interactive walk through "ride" of Dr. Who with popups of the 12th Dr on screen to direct the "man/girl" to show you where to go and what to do.  To the "boy/girl's" defense they are wearing robes and it's designed to let ANYONE lead the tour through, so  in all reality, that part is rather ingenious and cute.

Younger kids had some issues with the things you would run into as they are all the villains.  the Dalek, the Weeping Angels ... the only thing that moved was the Dalek as the part with the weeping angels was very wiggly and someone would have bolted as they are quite scary to see up close when the lights flash on!  A few of the younger kids were hiding with mom and crying.

Again, glad I did it, glad I got the media packs just because it was cute and I'm sure individually they did add up to cost, so not much saved there, I'm sure, but it was fun to bring home a pack for Liz and have a pack for Angela too.  I bought a child pack for her as she wsa under the age limit - but the child's sizes were small.  We asked really nice and they exchanged her media pack for the adult pack, so they were very nice and accommodating that way.

should have looked closer at my pictures as this one in blurry - so no details for YOU!!

The Face of Bo is my favorite - although we talked about the "moiserize" me woman and wished they would have had her there too - ha!  The only issue with Bo was his right eye had popped it's glue and was sagging, so no straight on shots for him, that's for sure!  He was quite impressive and over 4' tall as well.  I don't know why I like him... wonder if it's because he IS Jack??  LOL, Maybe so?
Cybermen through time.  Funny to see the progression of the cybermen.
even funnier to see the WHOLE suits and the transitions of them...the end did have the wooden cyberman as well.  The ghillie suit cyberman was a little (lot) creepy!!
What?  Turn around... eeeekkkk... What?? Turn around??
I needed to have borrowed my friend Sherry's socks!!
I love the story of River Song... I hope we see more of that story line in the future!!
My namesake - Dr. Donna... what is sad?  these women are all like a size 1 or 2 and maybe 5' at the most...even the women are not tall in this (or any other, I'm sure) show.... made me sad.
"Jack" had come through a few weeks prior, put on his outfit and met with fans... where were you this time John Barrowman?  Sigh, wasn't meant to be.
Iano's shrine.............would you believe this is even on the MAP in Google map?  Yes, it's true, Torchwood (Dr. Who spin off show) is still alive and well in the hearts of many.
Ok, you have to read this... they are Importers of WHAT??
Yes, the beer here is Brains Beer... strange place this Cardiff....

This place was found on our walk to find the Ibis hotel.  Find it we did ... and we went ahead and purchased the room and made the decision to move to said room as we had discovered we had WAY too much time to spend in Cardiff and we could afford to take a partial day and move into this new hotel.

Ok, so the parting shot of the guest house is this... this is how wide those stairs were.. from top to bottom... again, not a horrible place, just not the place for us in our "delicate" day 12 brains... really - not for us.
the spicy olives had to be purchased ONE more night - they were so good - we opted out of the feta ones this time!
The NEW view from the new hotel that now has a better lot of folks wandering, just less drugged and more business level folks walking to and fro.  Or maybe I'm just getting way too tired and paranoid?

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