Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outdoor Curtains!

Butch putting in the wire curtain rod...

Very nice!!

Even from the inside. And it's not a super hot and sunny day yet...

Look how much shade this gives. Can't wait to see the difference this summer.

Round table makeover

Before - needs a little love

Ok maybe a lot of love...

First coats of paint...

Getting ready to tile!!

Tiles!! As of Saturday morning I had tile done. Now grout!

And we're grouted!!! Whoop whoop!

In its glory in the sun shine

And with a carpet put down along with all the chairs surrounding

And me enjoying the partial shade of the curtains in the queen chair. ;)

Wood bees

So I thought all THIS was from trees dropping whatever because it really is pollen and fluff drip time. Until I heard a buzzzzz of a wood bee. I didn't give him too much thought as we really don't have exposed wood until he stopped buzzing and I watched him crawl into HERE!

Why yes, that little stinker is in there boring away at my shelf. Yikes!!
Not sure if I can get the whole plugged while he's away from home or not... Guess I'll just let him eat this shelf :(

Yep that big ole bee went into the hole. Here's the kicker it went in the hole she created through the metal hole!! I thought she went into the hole you can see. Nope - sneakier than I thought!

Friday, May 10, 2013

My next project

What is it? A solar chandelier for the arbor or the gazebo...

Mine will be a little plain Jane compared to this... But will be sooooo cute, I just know it! I had seen the core chandelier at Goodwill and passed on it.... I went to my chiropractors appointment ANDa massage so well over an hour later I was still thinking about it which meant I should go buy it ;) So back I went and it was still there. Yes. We were meant to be together. :) now mine sits in the garage waiting a paint job. AFTER I finish the table project... I think I have the last coat of paint on that one now TILE.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Five new family members

A Beta for Liz

Four little tropicals for Angela

The $7 fish tank ended up costing me $60 more. CRAP! Whose stupid idea was this? Ha!
The red is Merida (from Brave)
The cleaner is Vinny (the vacuum)
White one I'd Kellan (singer)
Black and white is "sir swims a lot"

You'll have to ask Luz the name of hers!