Thursday, February 2, 2012

Expressions and sayings...

Here is one that will be new to you…

“..wouldn’t know you from who shot John”…

Now what on earth is this in reference to?  Well, I went and looked it up – I had to – it’s something MY father and mother used to say and guess what?  It is VERY southern expression and according to the wikitonary – and shockingly – even attributed to a very specific town of Texarkana(close to where I grew up):


“Bread and Butter” when on a walk and having to split up (release hands to go around an object) during a walk…  This was used to ward off bad luck.


Funny world out there, isn’t it?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are you feeling lucky?.... Well, are ya?

I was just talking with a friend at work and I realized I’m truly lucky, blessed and living the good life.

I’m lucky that I have a husband who works at a job that provides legal services (not to mention a killer salary).  It’s those legal services that got me out of a potential ticket lately.  To which I feel very lucky and blessed that I don’t have to go to court again regarding it and that I don’t have to pay a huge ticket fee.  That would have hurt financially!

I’m lucky that I have a side business that is doing fairly well, even with the transition of the business to another owner.  I just got my first order after the change over.  I’m so lucky that they kept me on and business will continue as normal, even if it has slowed considerably, that business has blessed me with a VERY good income for the last few years.  With enough income I was able to purchase a computer and an iPad and can now travel where I want to go without worrying too much how I will pay for it!

I’m lucky that I can travel… lucky that I have a friend who travels for her job for years at a time and goes to FUN places.  I’m lucky  that she welcomes me with open arms to come and stay with her for a week to go and play in her part of the world.

I’m lucky that I have a job… which if things go as bad as I think they could… may be a short lived blessing.. but I’m also lucky that if it came down to it, we would just pick up and move to the next place and follow the jobs where ever they may lead.  It could be that we end up with a vacation home in Georgia out of it… but we really could move and follow the job(s) if it came down to it.  I’m lucky that my house – if jobs did stay local, but paid less – would make a KILLER “stay”cation place to play for an entire summer, just having friends up and over to play with us!

I’m lucky that I have healthy and happy kids – even if they do drive me buggy by not doing homework and fully applying themselves at all times.  I’m lucky that for the most part they are happy well adjusted kiddo’s with a lot of friends.  I’m lucky that my kids are not afraid to try new things, go new places and expand their horizons.

I’m lucky that I have parents who live close by that are willing to help me out when needed and are flexible when life hands them changes.  I’m blessed that they are still in good health and very easy to live with (just in case), and are very self sufficient.  I’m lucky and blessed to have a great Mother-in-law who loves her grandkids and comes to see their big events – even if it means driving 5 to 6 hours to do it!  I’m blessed to have a home that will support many, many people in it at the same time in comfort and warmth.  I’m blessed to have a hunter husband who has filled the freezer with LOTS of fish…. Now we need to EAT it all!!

I’m just very, very, very lucky and blessed in general…

Monday, January 30, 2012

Organization update

So this week was shelves...I didn't really do shelves, I did desks, under desks and on top of desks - to my defense, part of the task this week was simply "storage" and towards the end it DID move to piles and piles, I have a LOT of.  I have shelves, however, they are down to a dull roar for now... so I chose to concentrate on the desk(s).  I have a LONG way to go, but I can now get to the closet (and even shut it!!) so that's a major plus.  Next up in this room will be actually cull out some of the items I will NEVER use...
Now the question comes, can I be that brutally honest with myself? 
Probably not, however, we'll try!!