Friday, April 4, 2014

Dresser makeover

It started with a


These drawers were a challenge. They had TWO layers of wood. Really sturdy drawers here!!


Ready for paint!

Painted and ready for some knobs

What a difference a paint job makes!!

I wanted to do ombré with dark to light in the colors of her walls however I was out voted :( oh well it's her room ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adventures of spring break.

Today was animal sanctuary day and not a picture one!

We started off with Dausets Trails ( the river otters were active and as cute as can be! They had a bear, lots of owls and a lot of sleepy animals. Ah, nocturnal animals are no fun in daylight hours :)

I discovered this wasn't what I was thinking I was going to, however glad I went. Fun place.

Where I MEANT to go was here:

Wow what a BIG place that was!! We got to see the famous lion/tiger/bear grouping. The lion was rolled over, belly exposed in a field of grass....the tiger was inside the house with the bear under the house. By the time we left the tiger had come out to lay on the porch. So huge! There were a few more tigers and lions further in. We wore poor mom out, she gave up and waited for us at the threesomes paddock whole Angela send I went further in and saw dome monkeys and the other large cats. I'm thinking we saw majority of the big animals, however not sure. I'll have to find a map. They didn't have any because they were reworking the holding pens.

Fun day! We came to the freeway at the outlet mall and had a nice lunch at the Mexican restaurant there then home by way of SAMs Club (needed coffee).. Then a NAP. What a fun day!!

Oh and we saw the big Direct TV blimp on the way home too...Angela did get pictures of it on my phone...I wanted to see how big it really is. It looked to be a full sized blimp for sure!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day four (Wednesday)

In the light if day and being put back together.

The purple dresser is going away... I'm painting a bigger dresser for her today!

The new bookshelf and new desk

Awe my baby is growing up!!

Spray paint today!

Getting ready to spray...

It's a white world. :)

And now we dry while I go to the chiropractor and get my foot worked on.
New dresser in place (without knobs). The request is for grey I'm thinking doing and ombré starting with dark going to the light.

Note - no blackout curtains anymore!!

Still a LOT of "stuff" but that's OK

New desk - old bench. I think it will be recovered soon.

And with that were pretty well done with Angela's room. What's left is the framed cork board. She also wants it done in grey for over her bed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another day in project land

Mom and I made plans to go to Cochran to my favorite The Consignment Shop (love them!)

On the way we stopped to get a soda and saw the prettiest red winged black bird just sitting on the fence. He stayed there quite a long time. Long enough for me to fist my phone out and get a few picture!

After the consignment store it was back to work for Angela and I. I got her back from her sleep over and we started in on the chalk board part. But first this is a good shot showing the colors in daylight. So pretty!

Angela hard at work!!

Darn window isn't good for showing the gray! Oh well the first coat is up. We even did touch up on the other walls and removed tape. Next up will be 2nd coat in the gray then onto ceiling touch ups

Touch ups tonight?

It works well!!

Touch up paint purchased. Angela put her desk together. Smarty pants! Next up is book shelf and the then removing the old and installing the new.... And we're just on day three!!! What to do with the rest if the week??

Oh yeah, paint the dresser!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Project day two

Trip to Ikea
Billy bookshelves. With NO extenders. None to be found :(

Varsity for lunch

Second paint color going up!!
(AND I even snuck in cooking breakfast AND the finale if "The Walking Dead")

2nd coat and 2nd wall.

I'm TIRED!! We have some touch up to do as well. Just a few oops spots.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Project continued.

First coat

Last coat. Drying.
Tomorrow IKEA, shelving and desk and possibly the Body Exhibit early.
Tuesday 2nd color. Then 3rd color is a home made chalk paint! Yep this a gonna be a week long project for sure!