Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Easter!

Angela bucked tradition and did her OWN bunny cake. Much to my mortification - why not do the NORMAL cake? Sigh. I have to admit hers is cute :)

Marshmallow cheeks, rice crispy ears.... He really is cute!

The artist and her creation.

Making cake pop "dough" after.

My contribution this year was to be something like this:

Mostly because Butch doesn't like coconut. It was my chance to get cake with coconut :)

They turned out "ok" not sure I like the marshmallow tails. I had seen one done this way however can't find it again to post it.

And I ran out of white jelly beans... Now I have a bunch of boobs! Ha!! Need to remove the marshmallows, don't you think? Teeheehee.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hair today...

Before...the green was fading.

And looking bad...

So... (Suz, this look reminds me if you!!)

We colored it :)

Such a pretty color with a red hue.

We can't get a "normal" picture around here :)

ok normal enough ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yard work

I finally dug up the rest if the iris bulbs from beside the drive. It was a long haul however I had Butch's knee pads. That did help but my legs are hurting today.

In my ambitions I also lost half a nail all the way to the bed.... Yowch!!!

Here is the before look at the bed that I had planted a few weeks ago. They're very happy in that location ;)

Here is the after if transplanting the newer bulbs.... A layer if potting soil, bulbs, another layer of potting soil and a thin layer of Georgia clay :) I added the left over pond straw. We shall see what they think of this set up.

The left overs that I have found a home for.

And we also hung Angela's pin board.

Oh and a HUGE frog. Well huge from my pool. It was about the size of my palm if he were sitting.

I took the frog to moms house to her tiny pond. In sure he will be very happy there. I had mom take a picture if him.

Lizzie also came home this weekend. She and Cody came to go to Bear Stock to listen to the bands and meet up with friends. She didn't mention any if her friends so in not sure who else was able to make it down. We had a nice brunch with mom and dad and the crew this morning for them.

Tomorrow I start my new job. Completely unprepared and with no real knowledge what I'll be doing. Hum. Should be interesting.