Thursday, August 25, 2016

Angela's birthday weekend

Angie decided she wanted to go to The Body Exhibit in Atlanta for her birthday weekend.

And while you're looking it up, you find you have called it the wrong thing forever. Oh well.

The plan was to go to Atlanta and since we would go around lunch, we would go to Gio's Chicken. What is Gio's? Only the BEST Italian place in Atlanta!! The girls and I discovered it on a trip to Ikea one time and we KEEP going back and recommending it to all we know.

The girls each got the panini. It's HUGE! Butch and I shared a 1/2 chicken to share. Should have known to share a sandwich too but we helped them by eating a bit of each of theirs.

From there we headed to Atlanta Station to the Exhibit.

There was some sort of Tennis thing going on as well. Interesting. We walked the mall a little after the Exhibit as it was shorter than anticipated. I would say I'm glad I went but wouldn't go again. Interesting in a morbid way.

It was still fairly early and we didn't want to go home so we went to IKEA. A store to get lost in. We spent a LONG time in there and left with a comforter for Angela and a few odds and ends for the rest of us. I know what chairs I'm going to buy for the little house now as well. (Eventually).

So after that we went BACK to Gio's but this time we went to the sister restaurant. Antico pizza. The best most authentic Italian pizza I have had!

Diavola (hot pepperoni) pizza for Butch and Capricosa (artichoke,ham,mushrooms) for me. Note those are served on HUGE jelly roll pans. Yes ours covered the whole ting and we ate it ALL!!
Like this

Yeah. I took very few pictures that day (the panini and the menu are mine. All others are borrowed from Yelp!!). I'm a slug. I was enjoying the moments!!

It was a very good day to be 17 :)