Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Project completed

Well, here it is in it's beginning glory.  Where I failed was the before picture.  It was about the same color as the lamp started out.  Brownish/bronzie color. 
 A little antiquing to take out the BRIGHT red factor
 regretfully, I don't like the red on burgundy look this has so it's been since moved out of this bathroom and placed on the edge of the tub with a bright red vase instead.  Hum... bad color combo - note to self, put reds together before committing.  I think what I'll do is paint it BLACK and then distress it to have some red/bronze show through.  What do you think?


Over the last two days we have had some LARGE thunder storms with a lot of lightning and quite a bit of rain!!
We had .7” on Monday (8th) and 1” on Tuesday (9th)
Now the only issue I have with this, as we really need the rain, is that it comes in a HUGE downpour and we get all that rain in about an hour then there’s not a drop after the deluge!

I guess beggars really can’t be choosy about it, eh?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lamp Project done.

Much more "teen girl" than the one that was in there before.

Monday, August 8, 2011


This one is by far my favorite project so far.  the original had a piece of metal attached to the finial that I removed.  Looks like it used to have a 4 sided glass shade that bit the dust ages ago.  The base is ornate and pretty - just HATE the color!!
Oh, so pretty in white...
I'll post when I get a cute shade for it!  it's going in Angela room for her dresser....
there may be a few things that get a bit of a makeover in her room. 
A jewelry box is SCREAMING for a bit of paint :) 
Used to be that I would vinyl everything -
now beware, I could PAINT you if you stand still too long!!
Now some of you are probably wondering just WHY do I do these things?  Well, I just don't know... I felt the need to surf the net last week, found a bunch of stuff on the DIY pages with Pintrest so I was hooked.  There are soooo many cool ideas of things to do with Goodwill finds.

It all started with a wooden bowl... but have I done MY bowl project yet?  Nope.  That one requires a drill with a countersink.  I'm just not worked into doing that one just yet... but I'm getting there!!

What is the cost you ask?
For the three projects you have seen so far and two more you have not:
Thrift store cost: $11.00
Paint: $8.00 (estimated becasue I can NOT find that receipt - but two spray cans of paint)

So - who can say that they have gotten a lapbase for less than $19.00 that would have THIS much character?

One more!

Dirty little thing, isn't it?
I'm sure it was used for condiments in ages past...

 Now it's used as my catch-all for keys and box tops for education, tape and receipts.
 May need a little depth added - what do you think? 
Antique it or leave it as is?

The necklace tree in the bathoom...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

One more project down

well, it started out the natural wood color:
 This paint is the one that matches the girls bathroom.  It's a very (and I stress VERY) light lilac color:

What do you think??