Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A shot In the foot

Stylish, don't you think? I finally gave up after fighting Plantar Fasciitis for a bit over two years off and on, I gave up and went to the podiatrist. After a shot in the foot and a stylish boot to wear at night to hopefully resolve the issue. Lets hope this des the trick. I wait two weeks and go back to see how I'm recovering. Fun, fun, fun. Gettin older sucks. Just sayin. :(

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Change of pace

Decided a while back to put hooks in the girls bath for towels. I even bought the "rack" from Ikea. I just hadn't put them up cause I dreaded THIS

Yes - huge holes from what I can only describe as towel cramming. We put the old bars back up with the butterfly wall hooks which, by the way, simply make BIGGER holes. Sigh.

And after patching and painting a new way to hang towels. ;)