Saturday, October 27, 2012

Band Night

Tuesday night was Band night here in Central Georgia... we got to see all the local HS bands perform their half time shows in ONE evening. Very nice experience for those of us who don't really care for football :)  BUT wait, with that you get the added bonus of listening to ALL the middle school bands perform a few songs too! 

As you can see, there are a LOT of middle school bands!

Doesn't she look thrilled?  I think that is a look of concentration, really!
 Mid performance!

Then it's on to HS band performance by our band and color guard. 
Liz's starting position is interesting  It's a "day in the life"
 which one is Liz?  I'm thinking 2nd one back judging by the legs :)
 VERY nice high toss and a good catch at the end as well!
 After the performance seeing us in the stands...
 can you see that expression on her face? 
No?  Let me zoom in for you!
 Yep, rotten kid is sticking her tongue out.  Sigh.  What will I do with her?
Angela in the mean time is running around the place with her friends having a blast watching the bands and hanging with friends!
Oh, and I finally remembered to TAKE and use my camera, thus the delay in putting this on the blog.  I guess there are ups and downs to publishing from a phone, it's instant... camera, I have to then load all the pictures to the computer and remember to POST something on it :)  But I'm doing better to remember the camera!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where have you been??

Ok, during a conversation of “where have you been in the world” I decided to write them all down.  I’m wondering if there is some place I have missed… but here it goes in some sort of chronological order…
Starting in 1989:
New Zealand (Auckland for a wonderfully adventurous day and a night)
Australia (from Sydney to the Whitsunday islands via Contiki tour)
Europe (Paris to Pompeii via train, then back north through Switzerland/Germany)
Mexico (a few times after going to Australia, however not prior to then)
Korea (Soul  and Kunsan)
Mexico (Honeymoon in Cancun)
Italy (still never made it farther south than Pompeii – sad, eh?)
While living in Italy:
barely in Yugoslavia before it became Slovenia
Amsterdam (for tulips with Wendy!)
Germany (Oktoberfest twice)
Egypt (*Valley of the Kings/queens and Hurgada)
Turkey (just on base – thanks to freedom birds!)
Moved back to the states in 1997
St. Thomas/St. John Virgin Islands
United Arab Emirates
Can you tell I really, really, really need to dust off my traveling shoes?  I’m not sure what curtailed travel more – kids or just kids and moving to the states again.  I think it was more the moving to the states – had we stayed overseas I would have still had my travel shoes on J
Now, let’s look at the States:
(easier to list where I haven’t been)
Oregon (I can’t remember if we made it over the boarder when going north after Linda Mellema’s wedding.  I know we made it to Arcata California)
Washington (state – been to DC.  We did stop in Seattle on the trip to Alaska, but I don’t really count that!)
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Hampshire
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Do you see a trend here?  I don’t like NORTH and cold!  Hahahaha  Some on the north are “drive through” type visits…but if I drove through it, I still count it, as if you are driving you are truly seeing it!  Nebraska is one of those… drove it, but didn’t sleep in that state!
Bucket list:
South America (echo tour on Rio Negro)
India (just about anywhere!)
Philippines/Asia areas – any!
Antarctica and I’ll have all continents hit… What a worthy goal, eh?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


What does this look like? Flattened dead lizard?


Fluff from the wall or buffer when they cleaned our floors last night! Talk about imaginations!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

What is my malfunction?

I can NOT seem to remember to take a camera with me to events!!
This weekend was Lizs LAST band completion. I drove down to Valdosta and NO camera. Der
Good thing for iPhones!

We (Angela and a friend) didn't stay the whole competition. We drove down and got there at about 2pm. Our school was scheduled to go on at 3:30. Just in time. I saw the Meadows - hadn't seen Warner in a while however see Sandra t the consignment shop on base when I drop in there. It was nice to chat with them a bit.
We stayed through the preliminary awards - our girls got top Color Guard for their division (5a). They were thrilled. I congratulated Lizzie, delivered her a T-shirt I bought her from the competition and let her know we wouldn't be staying through the finals.
It was actually a good thing as the awards for Guard was done ;).
The little girls and I enjoyed a dinner at Denny's on the way home and were home by 9:00. Lizzie on the other hand came home at 1am. Ugh. NEED to get that kid a car!