Friday, July 29, 2011

Liz has lost her wisdom...

Wisdom teeth that is.. poor Liz!  She went in last Wednesday to have it done.  It went OK for her, but she sure puffed up like she's hoarding marshmallows!
 Shhhh - you're not supposed to take pictures in there :)  Couldn't resist!
 All trussed up and ready to go!  No IV just yet.. but it's coming soon!
 AFTER - no more wisdom teeth!  Not sure where the before is... somewhere in my archives of stuff :D
 Looping our way home... NOT happy with my taking a picture of her at the stop light!
 Settled into the bed her little sister kindly set up for her... favorite blanket and all - ah, the life!
 Later in Day 1 when she can actually walk better and not 'tilt' so much - ha!  Slightly puffy... but not bad.
 REALLY puffy on day 2 - we did the walking thing a bit... get out and move and get out of the house...
Day three - either I'm adjusting to the new "look" or she's going down just a bit on the puff factor.  She's able to eat easy to chew things - even wanted and was given hash browns for dinner tonight :o)  Ah, to be the injured spoiled one.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indianapolis Continued

Well, as is par for the course, work travel = food and hotel details.
We were in the Sheraton downtown Indianapolis. 
The view would have been GREAT however the city is a mad frenzie to repair EVERYTHING in prep for the Superbowl so even the lady at the top of the center of the circle was taken down for refurbishing AND the fountains surrounding it were fenced off - very sad.  The good new?  Next year we'll be here again, so we'll get to see it in it's full glory then.

View from my room of the rooftop pool, I had grad plans to go to it, but never did.  I even brought my suit and we had the highest temps in the last 12 years while we were there.  Lovely, eh?  Right in the middle of a heatwave.  Yuck!
 Of course the room - to include the potty below - small, but efficient

Night one was actually Ruth Chris Steak house.  I'm still in shock at the cost - not really.  I knew what it would be... however, still have a little issue with $65 for a steak, one side (we split between two of us with each picking up a single side) and water... mostly because the waiter forgot I ordered wine - what a goober.  Oh, well, I didn't need it, right?

Day two, meeting began and four of us decided to hit the challenge spot of Bub's Burgers.  Finish 1 and you get a 3x5 picture on the wall - there were a LOT of those.  Finish 2 and get a 8x10 on the wall - fewer.  Finish 3 and get a small poster size on the wall - 11x18 - much fewer of those.  Finish 4 and get a life size poster on the wall - only ONE of those.

 The Challenge Burger!
 The rest... I got the middle one on here 1/4 lb was enough for me!
  Jason and Jerry decided the challenge was ON
They both finished without much effort.  They even had ice cream AFTER - yes, both of them!  Jason commented after the fact he could have done two, no problem.  After last year, I have NO doubts!

More meetings and another dinner.  Weber Grill - one of the ONLY ones outside of Chicago.  It was good... and this isn't perspective until you see the person working with the meat - they are BIG grills.
OK, maybe the steak size will tell you - those are full size steaks.

More meetings and a wrap up at RAM Brewery where two of the folks got a heart attach on a bun - but it looks OH so good!  That's onion fries, hamburger, cheese, ham, bacon, egg on that burger.  It was said to have been VERY good.
 Mine was a Blackjack burger with the edges rolled in black pepper, but not overpowering.  then with pepper jack cheese.  Very good, but I should have gone for the egg one!
 what the square should look like.  The tower actually holds an elevator and stairs and an observation deck at her feet.... this was the wallpaper at the elevators.  maybe next year you'll get a color picture of the real thing?
 When I got home, it turned out to be puffy cloud type of weather... I LOVE puffy clouds!!