Saturday, May 31, 2014

Butchs birthday cake

It all started out so innocent.

Then it went downhill from there :)

Putting more touches in...


Happy (day early) dad! She was too excited to wait another day to share it with him ;)

Happy birthday honey!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Med stops oh my

Elizabeth was goofing off at Walmart Tuesday night. She was hopping into the house at 10:30 and I asked about the hopping and she said she hurt her foot. Nothing more so I told her to 1) keep noise to a minimum and to I've the foot. Not another peep out of her.

I oh to work Wednesday and come home to this.
Meet potato foot!

Doesn't look as bad until you compare it to the normal foot

Then do a side by side to REALLY see the difference.

Off we go to the MedStop. And mind you she's still saying "it's fine I don't need to go in"

Big hump!

Crossing her leg up so the toes don't get cold and tingly.

And the results. Shall we play "count the breaks?"

Got a number? I'll tell you in a minute if you're right.

Here she is being wheeled out to the car.

And in we go!!

She's in crutches and the foot is not in use. :(

You still have that number? Did you get FOUR? Yep 2nd, 3rd and fourth with two on the 3rd. Good job Lizzie!!