Sunday, August 10, 2014

Driving driving driving...oh and working on the house.

At least the clouds were pretty!

And the SUPER moon!

Pretty sunset on the drive south....

And now the thing I'm most proud of! When we went down the first time we noted the broken window with Walmart bag...yeah, classy :)
I had gone on line and learned how to replace a window and felt confident it was easy enough for me to do. So, off to lowes I went with a LONG list of thing to buy (new outlets to go from yellow to white for one thing). I came home with glass, the push tacks and the glazing.

And success!! In the process of replacing this glazing, more came off. Sigh. I still need to replace more, however, I was again behind the power curve and needed to head north. I did what I could this trip. I'm happy how it turned out and that I could complete the job without breaking MORE glass :)

Before in the tiny bath sink....

After a GOOD scrub with some scum cutter! Bad news with the chunk of drywall missing. They had installed an industrial hand soap dispenser using the industrial strength glue stick strips. That bad boy almost wouldn't come off with a hammer. I thought I had it coming off slow enough to not pull the wall apart...yeah, no. It's been patched and I'll sand and patch again on the next trip.

It was a great short weekend as Robin and Donald were in town on their way to a week on the beach. It was nice to see them and catch up a bit. I also got to meet Tina and her boyfriend. I missed meeting her brother and his family as they were delayed due to a missed flight. Bummer. Another time! We had to head home so we could grocery shop and do homework (her, not me!)

This is my traveling companion. Sigh. The good news is that I don't mind the quiet driving home...and she needed the sleep :) it is the weekend after all :)