Monday, December 31, 2012

More Christmas

Look - proof that I DO exist!  I'm not always behind the camera.  Thanks to David and Laura for the fun Texmas ornaments for the tree!  I got some nice LARGE silver stars and silver pine cones to put these with one year for a down home Christmas feel ;)  should make for a pretty tree.
I also got a new iPad and the security system I have been wanting for a while now.  Two of the four cameras are in operation much to Butch's delight - he's constantly flipping the TV over to see it!  ha!
 Christmas Dinner all set and ready to go!
(left to right: Liz, Sally, Butch, Me, Dad and Angela - mom is taking the picture)
 Looks like Lizzie is getting into the good stuff... she's not, it's the sparkling cider they so love during the holidays!  ha!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas was a "stay at home" Christmas and I'm afraid I took it way too much to heart.  I don't think I left the house with the exceptions of two outings.  Really.  I read and puttered around the house and read some more.  I managed to finish two books and get well into the third and if all goes as planned tonight, I may just make it all the way through book three and start into book FOUR!
I know, I know... get out of the house.  Nope.. thanks, enjoying my time at home sleeping in and being a total bum!!

Oh, and we discovered, or should I say, rediscovered puzzles.  Butch was even caught in the act.  I think I'm the only one who didn't sit down and really work on the puzzle :)

Traditions carry on and each child gets to open ONE present on Christmas Eve.  Angela got a neat air brush set from Grandma - she has had such fun with this!!

 Liz chose to open one from her friend (yes, just friend; and no, not gay!) Alec

The tree after Santa came to visit
 Angie was the first up... tried out her bike - varrroooom!!!

 Liz loved the cute light up bag that grandma gave each of them!

 Grandma got a nice new back scratcher... ah, nothing beats a good back scratch!!
 The last few pics of Elizabet were of her trying to get her new ipod out of the box - it was taped into a shoe box with little jingle bells inside... then she finally got it untaped off the bottom to discover it was GREEN!!

 Black Friday shopping WITH kids puts a damper on giving for Christmas, so Grandma wrapped the headphone box - to the headphones Angie has been using since she got them "early for Christmas" - hahaha - love it!
 It's a Dr. Who Christmas at our house!

 Playing push the dummy with Grandpa.  My camera was horrible against the light - I hope someone shares their pictures with me so I can get a good one going.  I'll try to photoshop these two - once I get photo shop loaded back on this computer!

 How we REALLY spent our vacation :)
 Pretty full moon right after Christmas!