Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My new Job as a bank teller

Over the weekend I rolled coins in my effort to head on out to Biloxi
this weekend (sooo excited - going to meet up with Leslie again!). I
came up with $163 worth of coins... that's a lot of change... and it
weighed quite a bit. So, I bagged it up and put it in the car to turn
it into the bank. Afternoon rolls around and I find myself short on
time (story of my life as of late!) but I decided to push it and head on
into the bank to get rid of the coins at a minimum (there was also a
package that didn't get mailed yesterday!).

I get into the bank and there are about 5 people ahead of me in line.
Sigh. The line was moving quite slowly... A younger guy in the line
about two people up said "I just need change for a $20.... anyone have
change for a $20?" I teased him and said I have a LOT of quarters :)
hahaha. I then put my coins on the floor and dug through my wallet and
low and behold I had change for a $20! He was so honest too - as I was
juggling purse and counting change I missed the fact that one of the
"ones" I had was actually another $5. He gave me back all the ones and
just took the $20 in change. Good for you honest man!! Good for you!!

Then another guy sheepishly looks at me and says "do you have $40 worth
of quarters? That's all I need" HECK yeah!! I give him $40 worth of
quarters and I'm down to ONE woman in line in front of me! Whoop! I
teased her and asked if she was SURE she didn't need any change :)

So there you have it, my next life I'm going to be a bank teller!