Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Graduation weekend

Davids decked out in an impromptu mortar board

The ONLY shot I have of the graduate. It will be clear later why..

Angela is JUST coming in the door. The gal behind her was tall :)

She's to the right of the screen!

There she goes!!

Just coming on the stage!!

And it's official!

This is the reality of where we were sitting.

And THIS is why there are no pictures after the event. No sooner than we figured out where she was the lights were turned OUT at the fairgrounds. Yeah, nice, really nice. Sigh. Oh, well, we will have pictures taken of the girls after the fact.

THIS is what happens when my phone is left unattended!

And a nice dinner with the folks followed by ice-cream cake :) apparent,y reading is good. It was frozen solid! How many people does it take to cut a cake?

Apparently three 😳

Everyone eagerly awaiting cake!!

We fit EVERYTHING we could celebrate over the last three weeks and future week into one cake.

Still snuggling up to her sister 😜