Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today was a productive day....

I'm getting back on track with our declutter/organization group.  Last weeks tasking had "clean one shelf" in the laundry room.  I don't know about you, but I can NOT clean just one... if I'm in there, I'm doing them all.  So - I did, I dug in and looked at all the things that were in the wrong place just because it was easier then putting them where they belonged.  I looked at things that were purchased and were the wrong size and no one took them BACK.  So, I did that too today.  I cleaned out the laundry shelves and took back the incorrect size bulbs and generally chucked and removed items that didn't belong in there.  A few things were tested for operations... they failed even with new batteries.. chucked!  I put a lot in the thrift store box too - bye bye candles I've never been that thrilled with the scents (wasn't that a goal a few weeks ago?).  these were hidden and NOT with the rest of the candles I had already culled... so their time was due.  So there you have it - a nice clean laundry room shelf!

I then left and went to Lowe's to return the incorrect size bulbs - mostly because they were $10 and it's a waste to have them sit in MY house.  So - they went back and I went clothes shopping as well.  I need a little black dress to wear to a party for Butch next weekend ... at least I was TOLD it was next weekend a while back, so felt some pressure to get this purchase done.  I found a dress for the party as well as a pool cover up and two shirts...
pool cover up
brown shirt
orange shirt
little black dress
And after all THIS?  I went and picked up the Boston Butt from the fund raiser from last week - and I was home by 1pm
shocking... I may even take a nap today as well :)