Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ze Lockers... Zey are DONE (insert cackling laughter and lightning!)

 I need to move a few more things off the shelf, however, progress can be seen - and the lockers are in place in the corner ( insert a Wooping sound here! )
 Not all the towels are in place yet.. some are in the wash, some are hiding in a closet inside (unsure why to this day why they end up in there!)  Progress - the noodles that will stand upright are in the corner in a basket - temporary, I'm sure, as it's not quite big enough for them.  The older ones are in the garbage and the old deck box is rinsed out and waiting for a new owner :o)
what secrets the lockers hold.  There are side hooks on the outer lockers and the potential for some more side hooks as needed (I have a few more to install if we so desire)... the top hooks are on either side of the lockers with doors to hang things from.  The left locker is going to be dubbed the "pool extras" cubbie - things that really aren't used that often and just need a place to "hang" - may put what little chemicals I have on the shelf in here as well.  Bottom left is all the "war" squirters - center bottom is the fins (I think Butch's are actually in there right now too), bottom right is floats and surfboards and silly things like that, upper right is the masks and goggles... do you think we have enough of those???   I actually had to fish two more out of the pool to run rover and as I was gathering towels found two more sets of goggles running around too.  Yikes!  I think that labels are in order for the doors as well in bright yellow - what do you think?

Before and after on the front yard

Which do you like best?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Job Hunt Statistics

Job Title
Operations Research Analyst, DR-1515-2/3/4
Program Specialist
General Supply Specialist
Purchase Request System Analyst
Program Analyst
Supervisory Management Analyst
minimum not met
eligible - not referred
Information Technology Specialist (Data Management)
not selected
For those not familiar with the whole job hunt in civil service and are wondering “what does that mean”:
·         Withdrawn – typically means that the person they were looking for on that job “pull” of applicants was NOT on the list.  So they drop back, dump the list and try again in a few more months – means even if you were qualified, they didn’t want you…. They wanted Joe Blows brother or contractor xx who was now available to go into civil service.
·         Eligible – not referred – this means, you had all the qualifications to DO the job, however were beat out by someone with more preference than you – e.g. someone with veterans preference, spouse preference, a Masters… something in the point system that they have just didn’t “rank” you high enough to be considered for the job.
·         Ineligible/minimum not met – just means I was stretching just a bit for the job and telling them I am no slouch, I have an education and I could do this job…. They didn’t buy it.  I’m OK with these two as I knew they were stretching and the supply one wanted specifics I didn’t have… so it was a toss up…
So there you have it.  Fifteen jobs since the beginning of the year being applied for.  Six out of the running.
The good news?  I’m still in the running for eight as total unknowns… and one I am definitely qualified for… now let’s just see who wants to take a chance on an “unknown”….  
Off to a new adventure if I’m lucky