Saturday, May 2, 2015

Yard work

Today was yard work day. Cleaning the deck, plant the plants.

The load of plants!!


More before

Again before.

After planting the new verbenas along the "row"

NEW daisies!!

Tomato with some flowers

And the other side.

Two citronella plants that are still not in the ground!!

I didn't do a thing in this bed.

And where Angela and I ended up after a bit of time in the hammock under the umbrella. ;)

Ah what a life!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tile woes...and triumphs

So this is literally the LAST row of tile laid in the living room. That "grout" line is over an inch wide. Sigh. No way to have it look good even with shoe molding. Double sigh.

This is a doorway with no grouting t all. Another sigh. Not the end of the world, but still depressing.

So. Rather than stew and fret and fix it ourselves in all our free time (Insert hysterical laughing at this juncture) I asked for exactly what I wanted. I wanted it fixed. So I let our tile guy know and guess what? He came down and fixed it.

Much better, much better. A repair we didn't want to have to attempt on our own!

Don't worry the baseboard is not installed in this room so we should be fine here. And this is kitchen side and still needs paint.

AND I have a person lined up to do drywall...then I can go back down and arrange the cabinets and gas to the range!! Closer and closer!!