Friday, October 19, 2012

Funny thing happened on the way to the framers....

I’m being a total copy cat and doing a scrabble board for our family like Gail did for her folks… it turned out very cute (If I do say so myself!).

I used my maiden name, married name, all our first names, all the places we have lived since being married as well as a choice few words  that will mean something to us (GeeGeeGee Baby Baby Baby!) .  Anyway, I finally got it all glued down and ready to go to the framers and low and behold, what shows up on the doorstep, but a coupon for Michaels for 50% off framing with a bonus 25% off as well – score!!  Last night I get it in the car – remember the coupon – make it to Michaels – get into the store – am waiting for the final price… gazing at it lovingly… then note that I spelled my own freaking maiden name WRONG.  I’m missing the “Y”.  REALLY??? 

Ok there are a lot of things that make sense to me, but doing this?  Sigh.  Der!!!  So, I tell the lady what a dork I am – but she lets me finish the order and explains it will take a day or two to get the ordered supplies in, so I can take it home, “fix” it and bring it back.  Sigh.

I get home and there is NO “Y” to be found – anywhere.  There are two in the game, one on the board and one MISSING.  ACK!!

Oh, well, my maiden name is now finished with a “blank” instead of a “Y”

Almost funny!!


Beauty and the Beast

Well, I have decided that men (at least my man) is oblivious to any and all attempts to put lipstick on a pig…
I have plucked and waxed, dyed and curled, buffed and extended… and he noticed zippo of it…
Going back to the ‘low maintenance’ mode, I do believe.