Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My mother has always worked off of a list.  Lots and lots of lists.  These were for everyday things such as what needed to be done with chores, to grocery lists.  There have always been lists in my life, so, tell me; why have I gone the way of NO lists?  I haven't really had lists for anything in a long while.   This would include packing for trips.  So far there has only been one time where this did not bode well for me and I neglected to pack some skivvies.  The funny thing is that the ones I bought on the fly turned out to be so comfy I switched to those on a permanent basis.  I digress.  Lists...

Do you do lists?

Here is my list as of late:


Christmas Cards  

Done - Well, sort of.  I found out delivery of cards would be so expensive that I decided I would just do New Year’s Cards instead.

**project for Christmas

                Done - I would like to do ONE more, however, I have found that among other things I am procrastinating on taking pictures as well!  Bad mom!

Cups for Pam

Done – this was a paid job, so really should have been done over the weekend and was PLANNED for the weekend, however working 4 hours on Sunday sort of negated me getting that one done (likely excuse cause I could have done it Saturday – ya know what I mean?)

Ornaments for Denise

                Done – see lame excuse for the above

Tell someone my Christmas list includes a rain gauge

                Done - Kid have been informed I need a new one as mine bit it when we froze over Thanksgiving and I wasn’t here to empty the thing prior.  Whoops!


Check pool when home to check water level

                Sort of Done, sort of ongoing – this is now morphed into call the Hayward Company to check all my settings on the blasted thing.

Purchase Concrete fix from Lowes

Wax (yeah, we’ll not discuss this as my legs look like a yeti)

Paint Liz's room

Paint Desk

Paint Dresser

Paint Butches project


This was all that was on there… however, there is another list in the bedroom on the wall that helped me work on projects over the summer… there are a few outstanding ones on it as well.  See, I DID have a list now that I job my poor atrophied brain.  The things on it remain as:


Paint Cheese Domes

Well, not the domes, the bases, you get the drift

Paint the coat rack

This should have been done already as it is for WINTER as we’re fully in winter and it’s to be used out by the hot tub


I’m thinking here was something else on that list; however, it’s not fresh on my pea brain, so I do know of those things at a minimum.


And if we’re completely honest I should also put on there to purchase a bed for Liz’s room to be used as a secondary guest bedroom – however, that is on the very bottom of the list at this point because I still have to paint the room and the desk and …. Oh crap… one more thing on the list, or rather a whole series of things to add to the list.  Taking stuff to the consignment; I need to take the following to consignment:


The old dining room table

The old display case from the breakfast area

The pink toddler bed I found on the side of the road (or maybe it needs to go right back out on the side of the road?)


Shoot, I could make my life so much better by just taking those three things to the Goodwill but with all the bad press on all of the donation places being crooks; it’s hard to justify doing that.


So in the end, my initial list got shorter, but the ongoing long term list is getting longer, and longer and longer:

·         Call the Hayward Company to check all my settings on system

·         Purchase Concrete fix from Lowes

·         Wax (yeah, we’ll not discuss this as my legs look like a yeti)

·         Paint Liz's room

·         Paint Desk

·         Paint Dresser

·         Paint Butches project

·         Paint Cheese Domes

·         Paint the coat rack

·         Take the following to consignment in January:

o   The old dining room table

o   The old display case from the breakfast area

o   The pink toddler bed

·         Sand “new” dining table and refinish (see, I snuck just ONE more thing in there… just one more)

Monday, December 9, 2013

The newest "find"

Ok now don't laugh, I have plans for this bad boy!! And Merry Christmas to me!!

In the door and DIRTY!!

Scrubbed up...

What was I thinking you ask?

Ok really the one that tempted me was really white with a lightly colored back wall.
More like this one:

Anyway enough dreaming.
For now this one will stay its current color and we will paint it in the spring :) I'm excited for this project!