Monday, February 13, 2012

Momma Brag!

The pictures are in from the Miss HOCO pagent!  They turned out rather well, and because I'm a proud mom, I'm going to sare just about every one I have!!

 Interview - full body
 Opening number.
She was told all black glittery with a POP of color.

 Casual wear.  Now I really with the photographer would have done as he first indicated and included EVERYONEs pictures on the disk because there were some if they were wearing casual wear, I'm VERY scared what their "hoochie mama" going to the bar outfits will look like in the future!  Scary!
 Formal wear pictures (before the show, I assume)

 Formal wear duing the show... look at that confidence - where DOES she get it?

 Doesn't she look happy and confortable up there?

 Optional talent portion.  She did so well!
The routine was from sleeping beauty.

 With the appropriate "sleeping" close - yeah Lizzie!!!
 The Band director presenting her with the award of "Peoples Choice" 
She is our choice, that's for sure!!