Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend getaway

The first indication of how this weekend would be was the stop at TacoBell for lunch just outside if Biloxi:

Why YES those ARE handcuffs hanging out of her back pocket. Hummmm

Her friend...looks normal enough

Yes she KNEW her pants were unzipped and unbuttoned. Wow!

First night Ocean City parade:

No, I'm not drunk but did get a beer to enjoy while waiting for the parade. Apparently slap happy from a long drive down.

Love the squid hats!

Crowd at its peak. Float coming towards us

Float getting closer

The beads!

The "dog" boy. Had a few girls dressed as dogs too. Weird. To each their own.

Beads I'm taking home:

Keesler AFB bay side @ the marina park.

Note there are crawfish in my plate :) yes, I ate them, no, I do not suck the head. Ewh!

Dead crab legs!

Beads Leslie is taking home!

No pictures if spa day...
More pictures on the camera, regretfully can't get to those to post them from here.

Last morning.'s going to be a long drive home today!