Thursday, June 2, 2011

House Guests

Well, they are more of an interloper than a house guest!  If it weren't for the "poop on the stoop", they would be welcome to stick around for a bit! 
The first night that Butch and Liz saw these cute barn swallows was last night just about sunset and there were 8 to 10 of them hunkered down.  Liz threw open the door and growled at them.  You heard a thump, thump, thump as one or two of them hit the window in their effort to escape - poor little things!

This time I was trying to be more "gentle" with them, because as I said, I find the little critters delightful - we don't use the front door that much!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nifty, Nifty, look who's Fifty!!

Yes, those are Rabbits in the yard... 50 in all. 
 The sign reads as follows:

That's OLD (and a lot of rabbits!)

Memorial Day Weekend

Never, never, never tell your MIL to "go fly a kite" ha!  She and I set up the kites and rather enjoyed them - they flew quite well!

 Butch and Liz went WAY out and watched for critters in the water.  He saw two sharks - one about a 4' and one about 3' - then two HUGE Southern Rays out there.  Maybe I'm glad I was stuck on shore?  Yeah, my doctors appointment on Thursday landed me stuck high and "dry" for two more weeks - drat them!!  I almost didn't even go to the beach I was so bummed I couldn't get in the water... it was too tempting to wade.  I would want to fall in ;o)

This is the first time one of ours wanted to take a friend with her to grandma's.  Lucky girl got to take Ms. S. with her on the trip - they had a BLAST!  Little girls body surfing!

 Yes, that IS Butch in there with them surfing in the shallows!
 Lizzie called in from the outer edges :o)  She enjoyed going WAY out there this time
 No, it won't say what you think when she's done... she's in LOVE with a band called SHINee (Korean Band of all things)
 For someone that got to bring a friend, she's really showing her "good" side right now, eh? 
Sigh.... 11 going on dead!
 I saw this little guy poke his head up from a distance... so I got up and went to track down his hole, just as someone went walking RIGHT through this area.  They buried his hole.  So I was standing and looking quietly when the man behind me came up and asked what I had lost... um, my mind?  I want a picture of this crab :o)  I sat down and he finally came out!

What is going to G-ma's if not Goofy Golf!  A tradition :o)  We had a good time - even if quite a few balls went OFF the course and into parking lots and neighboring holes :o)

 Grandma and Liz wanted in on the paparazzi act too!