Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday project and one more off the goal list!

Let the project begin... all taped up, floor behind and under the washer cleaned.. now THAT was gross!  There were at least three socks, a penny, some jewelry pieces and a lot of dirt and fluff back there! Bleck - note to self, clean that much more often!

 where everything went while we painted!!
LOOK who my helper was today - she painted a good 50% of the whole place - especially above the cabinets and behind the washer/dryer!  She was such a trouper!
 one coat done!
 So sad, I said "do the Vanna White Pose" and she had NO idea who Vanna White was.  I'm so old!
We're almost done!  The fish are semi-permanent - one goes on the back porch and they were so inexpensive when I got them (clearance of course) that I got two and the twin has been in the laundry since!  I guess when the outdoor One (which is fading!) dies, this one will move out and I'll get a proper rug.
Now to put up my vinyl on the back wall (to the right in this picture - above the garbage)...
The more I do Laundry... the more I understand Nudism. 
Not sure what color vinyl however...

And if you remember correct this was done in the BRIGHT color of the three pack I had looked at color wise.  I do believe the kitchen will go to the middle shade rather than this.. It's pretty - just NOT in a large amount in the kitchen.  Lighter for Kitchen it is, descision made - however that painting effort will wait for another weekend.  It will require removal of a boarder... not looking forward to that!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

To work, or not to work....

That is seriously becoming a debate in my head…

I am frustrated with my job.  I don’t seem to accomplish anything on a daily basis… I try and I try, but it’s road block after road block after road block.

The level of concern or lack there of is scary.  I guess that’s my issue… I care. Then again, I’m on the front line, I hear it from the users, I get complained to daily.  The ones in the ivory tower don’t hear all the yelling and gnashing of teeth, we do.  Not sure how to make it a point that this is killing us down here….

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Band Night.

Did I mention I KNOW these kids don't get their musical talent from me?They don't - Angela is first chair in flute and has a ton of talent.  Liz is really good with clarinet and can pick out music by ear.  Such talent kids. 
Angela was playing with the Jr. High Bands and Liz was color guard in the back left.
I was VERY grateful it was an unseasonably warm evening and we saw all but one band perform - Angela had enough after 4 of the 5 High School bands had performed - couldn't blame her.

promised Photo from the ATL trip with mom

Can you SEE what the draw was on the Asian antique store?  To see this in a garage door type set up... very pretty and very EXPENSIVE at I believe $16,000.00  yes, I believe you read that correctly SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  It's pretty cool... but not that cool!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue Funks

Ok, I’ve been in a blue funk on and off for the last month… can’t seem to shake it.  Face book is doing a month of being grateful, maybe that would help me realize what I do have – what do you think?  So here is a good start to maybe carry me through ½ of my month.

I’m grateful for:

1.       The fact my car fits in the garage after a lot of cleaning and moving – nice to have a warmer car on a colder day

2.       That I don’t live in Utah where it’s snowing and VERY cold

3.       That I don’t have to shovel walks (I could go on for 30 days of that trend)

4.       That the leaves are particularly beautiful this year in color

5.       The fact my Christmas card photo shoot went OK and I have pictures that “will do” for a card for this year

6.       That the girls actually enjoyed the Christmas card photo shoot and had a good time

7.       That I didn’t attempt to put together my own cards this year and print them myself and fight printers and programs, and fuss about it until well after the first of December like I typically do

8.       That everyone is healthy in the family

9.       That Mom and Dad are healthy (with exception to your cold this weekend Mom)

10.   That my family is all talking and on good terms with each other

11.   That I had everything I could possibly want/need in a physical sense… when you look through the Sunday sales adds and NOTHING leaps out at you, you’re doing well, I think… I haven’t seen anything in there in a long time that I would truly want

12.   That I am prepping one daughter to go to college because it means she’s growing up, choosing right decisions (college) and has the grades to even consider it as a viable option

13.   That I have a good car in working order that takes me where I want to go

14.   That I had some simi-disposable income that I can even consider taking my 2nd  vacation of a life time

15.   That I had friends all over the world that allow me to plan for vacations of a life time

16.   That I’m healthy enough to consider going on these vacations and seeing more of the big wide world

17.   That I can consider taking Liz to Europe and letting her stay the summer with her best friend!


There, that should carry me through to part of the month of being grateful… there are always things that sap the energy from me.. like not being able to actually set a date yet, but this too shall pass… soon enough, I’m sure.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Georgia Southern University Open house

Liz and I were up at the crack of dawn yesterday to participate in an open house at Georgia Southern University.  boy, College dorms have SURE changed since I was in college.  No more communal showers, no more communal bathrooms... each one has a bathroom shared by at most two individuals  How would that be??  Wow... what a world
Right on the heels of the dorms in my college town being shut down for the final time due to a heating outage.. it was too costly to fix it... what a sad day in the world, eh?  I did submit one memory that was highly illegal.  We used to sneak up on the roof and just "chill"... didn't do much - well, with one exception I did Frisbee a horrible painting from my summer oil painting class from said roof.  ha!  I guess that would be considered littering.

All in all a very interesting day.  She did talk me into swinging by an international fair in the local area that was a total bust.. of course it was 1pm and it was slated to close at 4pm, but still - maybe 10 food booths and that was about it.  No-one seemed interested that folks were there to check out the fair and it looked rather teen agerish in nature and in construction.  Interesting...

A long drive home, and that was my entire Saturday - what a day!
I take it back, I did have a photo from the day... Liz found a cyberman on a garbage can - and HAD to backtrack after we were done seeing everything to take a picture with MY phone - so it would be a better quality than she had on her phone :o) Geek to the core, that's my girl :)