Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lizzie's first day of Sophomore year

Lizzie's first day of Sophomore year. Ok not really. She's going to school two weeks early to train to be a CL (community leader - what used to be resident advisors in my day)

The car is JAM packed!!

Only one seat for Liz. Good thing she's tiny!!

Her dorm main building Southern Pines.

Lizzie by her building.

Me crying over Lizzie going back to school.

Nawh. She's going to have another glorious adventurous year in college! Have fun and be good Lizzie!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Angela's first say as a Sophomore.

Happy Angie!

Goofy child ;)

I don't think that she's that thrilled to be heading to school - haM

Have a great day at school!!

the conjecture house was VERY close to the reality of what the reality is.

the FUNNY thing?  the floor in the tiny bathroom is the VERY Same style as what is ours - how very fun!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Beach House, aka Tiny House, aka The Pee House

After much ado and waiting I finally got THE call from the sheriffs office at about 11am on Tuesday AFTER I had called the office there on Friday about the paperwork that wasn't there AND Monday to see if the papers had gone out (they had). Turns out that the sheriff didn't know who to call because the paperwork being weird. I haven't see the actual paperwork, just the cover letter.

So I was in a training seminar while this was going on behind the scenes and the lawyer was emailing me granted she finally sent it to home AND work but I wasn't able to get email at either place. No reception with AT&T anywhere on base in a building! Ugh. If it wasn't so inexpensive with unlimited data I swear I would drop them!

So... Phone call at 11am. I told the sheriff I live 5 hrs north...and was informed they only do these on the mornings...ugh! So we scheduled it for 10:30am Wednesday and Liz and I packed. Angela opted to stay with friends die to band camp. We tried to tell her she could skip camp for two days, but she wasn't convinced :( boo!!

AND Thursday is the first day if school here. Yeah, fun timing, eh? I knew even if I changed locks quick and dashed home we would only have time to drive home and do practice, no time for shopping so we dashed out and picked up her "first day of school" outfit. She was jazzed.

Then on the road south!
When we pulled in that evening the house was quiet and appeared empty so we checked the front door. Locked. Checked the side door on the carport. Unlocked!

These are pure before pictures. Nothing was touched.
The dining alcove right off the carport

Looking to the kitchen from the side door

The kitchen. Oh yeah, there was food in the sink (noodles) an apple on the sink...flies everywhere.

Oil in pans still....

On past the fridge and looking at the front door. They are all open due to the cat/dog urine smell. Coat closet is what you're seeing on the left...

Looking through the door to the living room. Oh yeah, that's a queen mattress and a partially filled cup of soda.

And bags of partially eaten food.... And the back door and plastic bag on the window. Pallets and tarps is the theme in the back yard.

Onward down the hall and looking into the tiny bathroom. Gaggy shower curtain AND a washcloth too!

They really did like bears - there was build a bear stuff all over.

Standing in the tub looking at the corner cabinet in the corner. They have a small drop from door on the bottom for a laundry shoot effect to the laundry hamper in the cabinet. Kinda cute :)

Ok across the hall again yo the first bedroom on the back of the house. Aka the bunk bed room.

Closet in that room

The second room on the back, tarps on the clothes line outside too!

Going around the room.

Closet. Doors got the closets are in the outside shed from what Liz said.

The master

Master has doors on it.

Looking towards the 1/2 bath.

I love the tile work in here!

This one has cabinets in the corner too

This was all the night we got there.

Dirty freezer:

Gaggy fridge:

AFTER!! Turned out to be a very nice fridge under all the grundge.

The kitchen partially cleaned.

You know I didn't even notice the pot hanging there still. I went into this cleaning job trying to salvage all the stuff that looked good enough to send to goodwill. Honestly? I gave up by now and put a lot into a bag and took it the curb.

The windows are original as are the locks.

The lights are recessed.

Old fashioned air vents for sure.

The shower cleaned up a bit.

The sink after a scrub...the white in it before was all toothpaste. Gag!

The bedrooms don't really change much.

Living room sans mattress.

The pile at the curb. The city has been called for Friday pickup. Yikes!!

And, I also pulled all the vines down too.

The sheriff came by, did his walk through and will finish his paperwork and we completed the lock change and went on his way. After that it was all done, we went back to Sally's to shower. Liz said she'd prefers baths...I told her she could go back over and bathe. She would have none of it. Ha!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

House projects

Done! However I may pull the top fan out and flip it. For some reason it bugs me they are both going the same "way".

It will be easier to pull that one than the bottom one.

These are real sea fans too. Shocked me too! They are Goodwill finds ($3.95 ea). I actually found four but thought I would only use two. Stupid rookie mistake. Should have bought all of them. They came in packages with starfish. They were originally silver on one set and gold on the other. The bottom one required some "softening" and I was at a loss. They are organic. I thought to steam it. I boiled some water in the microwave and tossed the fan in and out another minute watching it closely. We had smoke on the bottom of the stem. Whoops! Good news is it did soften the bottom stem enough to let me get it into the frame without feat that the glass would break!

The frames are also Goodwill finds. ($6.06 each)

Price compare to here:

The lowest price I can find for anything similar is $95.00 so, needless to say I'm thrilled with my 14"x14" interpretation at $17.00 (I had to buy foam board backer too). And I now have two bonus star fish too (now white).