Saturday, July 4, 2015

It all started with a puddle

I noticed there was some water on the floor in the potty room. Uh oh! I put a cup under the water supply and went on with my life thinking I need to tell Butch.

The next day I get a text from Butch

Ha! Mystery solved.

So he purchases the innards for the toilet, replaces it and I mention the fact we have a wobble.

Ok so he tightens it. CRACK!!!!! Yep, toilet base broke big time. One half of the bottom flanges now broken off completely. The good news is that it doesn't leak.

Yikes!! So we order just the bowl portion of the potty on line. Very inexpensive too. $69.00. Ordered and we wait for it to come in. Thank goodness that we have two more toilets.

It comes in while I'm out at a retreat with the girls. I then get a call with a "do you want the good news or the bad news". Yeah, the toilet bowl doesn't match the toilet tank we already have. Sigh. Order the tank on line and discover that it was indeed more expensive to buy it on line. Sigh. Lesson learned oh hubby's part. So we wait again and the tank comes in..and its smaller than the originals and I didn't paint behind the original tank :o\ ha! Yeah, my burgundy wall isn't all painted. Whoops!

Arguments ensue over my unhealthy love of WHITE paint right now. I would love to do white in the room. I would love to do white with wainscoting. Yeah, I'm outvoted. No white in this house. Drat it. So. I rebel and get the matching brown to paint the room one color. No accent wall. By the way after the fact, no one is happy with it to include the oldest. Darn her!!

So we have a newly repainted toilet room and a new toilet with dual flush...and it all started with a puddle. ;)

Next up shelves like this:

AND those are the type shelves I want as well.
Ah, I can dream, right?? At least I'll get my shelves (eventually)

Thursday, July 2, 2015


On the way back from Uncle Tommy's funeral in Savannah we ran through his big storm. It had already rolled through Warner Robins and dropped 1/2" of rain.

Today this was the storm outlook

This one blew everything around and dropped a little less than 1/4" of rain.