Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

 her expression was NOT caught on camera for this one, she really DID love it - a LOT of colors for the girl to expand on her painting :)
 Gotta love my IOU for a backscratcher - apparently a ROCKING one was ordered for me :)

 cashews and wine, what more could a woman want?

 Awkward pose when told to hold it in front of her chest instead of out towards me.  Silly girl - nope, she'll never be a model :)  We love her and will keep though!

 It's a supernatural thing :)

 It's a Dr. Who thing (weeping angel I found at Goodwill) I could NOT resist getting it for her... she said, "it really creeps me out"  hahaha - I have done my job this year :)

 What does the Fox say?  Oh, wait, that's a raccoon, disregard!
 It's a Dr. Who thing!

 Angela got the GREAT gift of a computer drawing tablet - it's been the hit of the day for sure!
 It's still a Dr. Who thing... yes, she's a whovian :)

 Note the weeping angel earrings as well as the bracelet :)  Gotta love these girls!
  Car emergency kit because she'll be taking her car back to college with her along with a new parking pass thanks to Mom and Dad.  No to mention a new tire and a gift card for Wal-Mart that can be used at the Murphy Oil there in her town as well.  Lucky girl!

 It's a thermos mug... somehow from the first look, it wasn't what he thought it was :)
 Hers was at the bottom of the pile and she was VERY unsure she was getting one :)  Happy girl!
 Checking out this years Calendar
 Lizzie checking out her book from our trip to Europe and all the photo matching that was done. 
 SCORE one for mom, I made her cry over her book from her trip to Italy!  She loved it!
 she is still teary looking at the NEXT present... awh, tender hearted girl!
 You'll shoot your eye out!!  ha!
 Ornaments with the girls pictures in them  - awh!!
 Thank you Uncle Donald and Aunt Robin!!

Everyone had a wonderful Christmas morning opening presents and eating on the variety of Muddy Buddies we got - yum!  peppermint and snicker doodle are surprisingly good :)  That and a cup of coffee and we were all happy.
The Turkey and ham and all the fixings for dinner with Mom and Dad!  We had a great long visit with them while they were here, we ate a HUGE meal and sent a lot of left overs home with them to enjoy later and still have a LOT left for us as well.  After a rest period after dinner we had a rousing game of Push the Dummy!

We hope our extended family also had a warm and wonderful holiday season wherever they were.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Finn onesie and a Dr Who blanket....

So cute

So snugly

And the begging for just "one more" has begun ;)
And one more was granted

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don't fall over, I baked!

Made a mess!

In progress:

Ready to go into the oven!


And the left overs are peanut butter cookies: