Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cruise Food...

Ok, so only the food Liz decided she wanted pictures of... I should have taken a picture of my rack of lamb I had...

And sometimes we just got too carried away and had to eat it as it came in because it looked and tasted sooooo good!

Day 8 - last day at sea as well as Day 9 - departing the boat!

would you believe there are NO Pictures of this day with the exception of the videos just as I got up?  Weird??  Maybe...
 yes, that would be water making it up to our windows... proof.. and the sun coming up on a stormy day.  The clouds stayed with us all day!

Butch managed to get a cold on the boat and was sneezing and blowing and decided to lay low for the day, so the girls and I had a free day.  Sally and I went to an early breakfast together as the girls and Butch were still in the rooms.... sleepy heads.  We then went downstairs to the Atrium to watch the cake decorating challenge.  The cruise director was involved and he was a riot.  They were making black forest cake and he managed to pour a WHOLE bottle of Cherry Liqueur into his.. it was DRIPPING with booze.  The person in competition with him did a good job with hers.

After that Sally and I went and played Bingo for an hour.

Then it was time for me to meet up with Liz at Izumi's for lunch.  I was waiting at the elevator and she was coming up the stairs.  Silly girl.  Silly mom.  About 1/2 hour late we finally met up and went just a little late.  We tried Sashimi and had salmon.  Yes, Both Angela and I stretched a little and ate the raw stuff too.  It was OK, nothing I would order on a regular basis.  Angela and I liked the Spicy Crunchy Shrimp (cooked) and the California Rolls (cooked) and we tried some Spicy Miso Ra-men as well - one bowl was enough to let us all have some.  It was a nice meal for we three girls.  Sally didn't want to try any Sushi.

We then met back up with Sally and She and Liz and I did some more Bingo before going to dinner.  Butch came out of the room for dinner and we had a nice final meal together.  I tell you, I could get used to being fed well every night.  :)

Day 9 - departing the boat.  Well, another VERY early morning for me as those blasted engines went off at 6am... so I went ahead and got up and showered in preparation for the departure.  I went up on deck and took a few shots while coming into port.  (7am port)

 What I didn't do was stay on deck the whole process as we nosed into port two, then swung all the way around backwards and backed into port 3.  Wow... talk about some maneuvering!

Another thing I didn't take a picture of is Butch's bare feet.  yep, he managed to pack EVERY pair of shoes he owned.  hahaha!  He went in search of a pair of flip flops - no such luck, so he had to walk off the boat without his shoes... poor guy!  When we picked up his bag he was able to dig in them and get the shoes out and put them on right there in the luggage area :)

Getting off was nice as we grabbed a porter and had all of our bags - there were 7 bags in total to be lugged out to the shuttle bus, so a porter was well worth it!

 the cross walk is our last connection to the fun boat!!

AND we're officially back on land.  After such rough water there for a while, I'm sure our world will be rocking for a few more days, but what fun we had on this trip!!

Even Butch who had always been a die hard "we have to get there and stay there" person is more open to a cruise, however, he's thinking we should get a balcony to make drying our scuba gear a bit easier.  We sat on the deck for an hour to get them a bit dryer then sitting in the room, however, we ended up with them hanging all over the bathroom for a 1/2 day and night anyway...  yuck!

Next time, right??

Day 7 - Christmas Day

There aren't a lot of pictures from today as it was Costa Maya, Mexico as it was a shopping day.  What do you take pictures of as you shop?  Nothing really...
 My toes as I waited for the others to get ready and come on up for breakfast.  We were right by where the ropes come out of the ship, or right under or something... either way there were engines that when we were coming into port would kick on and then that was the end of my nights sleep for sure.  I was up for the day from that point forward.
 you can see OUR room in this shot... the middle two port holes on the bottom row - just after the bigger picture windows...
 Yep, right there by the ropes... I had to keep the curtains shut while getting ready this morning :)
 The girls ahead of us heading into port.

 After we shopped and looked around, we headed back onto the ship to sit by the pool and have some lunch.  :)

Merry Christmas from us to you!!

Liz cheated with a selfie so she could compose it just so....

 Our servers were GREAT!!
Not sure why we didn't get a picture with them...

Our every other night towel animal - a bunny today :)
the seas as we prepared to go to dinner.. they only got worse over night...
Everyone kept meals down and slept well regardless.

Day 6 - Christmas Eve Bonus

 Guess who was eating a few tables over from us on Christmas Eve???  I guess he set Ms. Claus over to the cruise for the week.
guess he was taking a break from his deliveries

Day 6 - Christmas Eve - Chichen-Itza

 Sunrise out our port hole.  Note that it's wet.  why, you ask?  Because we had heavy seas and there was spray all the way up to our windows that night.. yep, SPRAY some 20' to 30' above sea level... rockin' and a rollin' and even Angela came to our room for some sea sick pills...:(
 We're good sheeple, we have our numbers on our shirts to be hearded onto our busses :)

It was a mad dash out the door, to the dock, to the boat that would shuttle us some 45 minutes away from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen then to a bus for a 2 hour bus ride along a new freeway to the site.  Yeah, this one was pushing it for sure, but we really wanted to go back after 20 years with the girls.  :)

 Along the freeway they had built monkey bridges to help the monkeys get across without getting killed.  I looked for monkeys and I think I saw one asleep in a tree, but it wasn't confirmed as it was balled up and brown, one can only assume!

It was a horrible experience on the bus as the guide kept telling us we would be very short on time and it was very crowded which really freaked the girls out. They were telling us how he almost got fired for being late the time before, yada, yada, yada... Well, now I KNOW why.. he talked and talked and talked in a few spots at the site.  Now a lot of it was great, a lot of it was a bit of overkill I think, but he was Mayan and very proud of his heritage and he was a teacher by profession before he became a tour guide.  He was good at what he did... really was interesting and told a lot of the tale.  The girls, however were very rattled that we would only have 20 minutes on the ground there and were freaking out continually and worrying the snot out of me when the guide was getting later and later... I had to tell them time and time again that IF they left us, then we were on a Royal Caribbean tour and THEY would have to get us BACK to the boat.. not to worry, We would be fine... just fine.  They wouldn't leave us and if they did.. we would still be FINE... ha!  They were really fit to be tied.

The other thing that has changed in 20 years is that you can climb NOTHING  Not even to the sacrifice god... no climbing on anything... so we walked around all the walled off stuff and took what pictures we could for our comparison shots from 20 years ago.

 It was nice to go back just to see it again.. so we go back in 20 more years with our walkers and jazzies and see it again, yes??

 a Fun side of the building on the way back into town.
 our ship!!

 look how BIG the ropes are!  Well, small really if you think of how big the boat is they are holding in place :)

Napkin man and napkin mouse from Peamkait our server.

How big the boat was rocking today!!

and now for the true story of frustrations :)  LOL, Liz kept saying we couldn't get FOUR of us in a selfie... we did, though, didn't we?? ha!
 and Angela stated if you take ONE MORE PICTURE... hahahaha  Ok, so that's the extent we will pick on them... they were still in the stress mode about not being back to the bus on time and missing our boats, etc. Poor kids, they learned that they didn't need to stress so much about it... it was all fine in the end.. the boat was still waiting for us :)