Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 6 - Christmas Eve - Chichen-Itza

 Sunrise out our port hole.  Note that it's wet.  why, you ask?  Because we had heavy seas and there was spray all the way up to our windows that night.. yep, SPRAY some 20' to 30' above sea level... rockin' and a rollin' and even Angela came to our room for some sea sick pills...:(
 We're good sheeple, we have our numbers on our shirts to be hearded onto our busses :)

It was a mad dash out the door, to the dock, to the boat that would shuttle us some 45 minutes away from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen then to a bus for a 2 hour bus ride along a new freeway to the site.  Yeah, this one was pushing it for sure, but we really wanted to go back after 20 years with the girls.  :)

 Along the freeway they had built monkey bridges to help the monkeys get across without getting killed.  I looked for monkeys and I think I saw one asleep in a tree, but it wasn't confirmed as it was balled up and brown, one can only assume!

It was a horrible experience on the bus as the guide kept telling us we would be very short on time and it was very crowded which really freaked the girls out. They were telling us how he almost got fired for being late the time before, yada, yada, yada... Well, now I KNOW why.. he talked and talked and talked in a few spots at the site.  Now a lot of it was great, a lot of it was a bit of overkill I think, but he was Mayan and very proud of his heritage and he was a teacher by profession before he became a tour guide.  He was good at what he did... really was interesting and told a lot of the tale.  The girls, however were very rattled that we would only have 20 minutes on the ground there and were freaking out continually and worrying the snot out of me when the guide was getting later and later... I had to tell them time and time again that IF they left us, then we were on a Royal Caribbean tour and THEY would have to get us BACK to the boat.. not to worry, We would be fine... just fine.  They wouldn't leave us and if they did.. we would still be FINE... ha!  They were really fit to be tied.

The other thing that has changed in 20 years is that you can climb NOTHING  Not even to the sacrifice god... no climbing on anything... so we walked around all the walled off stuff and took what pictures we could for our comparison shots from 20 years ago.

 It was nice to go back just to see it again.. so we go back in 20 more years with our walkers and jazzies and see it again, yes??

 a Fun side of the building on the way back into town.
 our ship!!

 look how BIG the ropes are!  Well, small really if you think of how big the boat is they are holding in place :)

Napkin man and napkin mouse from Peamkait our server.

How big the boat was rocking today!!

and now for the true story of frustrations :)  LOL, Liz kept saying we couldn't get FOUR of us in a selfie... we did, though, didn't we?? ha!
 and Angela stated if you take ONE MORE PICTURE... hahahaha  Ok, so that's the extent we will pick on them... they were still in the stress mode about not being back to the bus on time and missing our boats, etc. Poor kids, they learned that they didn't need to stress so much about it... it was all fine in the end.. the boat was still waiting for us :)

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Suzanne said...

I heard you can't walk on anything anymore. I remember thinking in the USA we wouldn't be able to climb this or touch this. It's the coolest place. Wish I could go see it again. It's been 24 years!