Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

All day long it rained and rained and rained... then about 9pm it stopped sprinkling and we headed out to shoot off some fireworks...
and by some, I mean THIS stash:
Holy cannoli!  I can't believe Butch bought THIS much at the fireworks store.  He spent twice what I would have expected... but hey, it's his money, so go for it!
Can you believe G had never done sparklers before? 
These are the HUGE sparklers and they left off a LOT of light!  LOVE Angela's circle around her face :)

 the neighbors were shooting off some good ones as well - did a timed photo over the trees :)

 LOVE that you can even see the light tracer of the shot going UP... we had a little wind, but all in all a good night to set off fireworks - enjoy!

 I include this because it looks like stars... this is the squeeler one that shoots up and pops - who would have known the shot would look like this on timed photo?  Loved it!
 Another boxed one with multiple smaller shots... wish I could have gotten that one centered but working on time release photo on a tripod doesn't really give you anything in particular to shoot for.  Next year it's BIG tripod and a chair so I can put the shots center in my screen - then shoot away!

 double mortar round!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Interesting fact

Wettest June in the last 15 years and at the rate we're going, this may shape up to be the wettest year! We're still rainy, rainy, rainy!!


I think it's time to take the grape out and put this wisteria in its place. By next year they may just meet in the middle!
Now to see if I am THAT motivated ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


5'6" is the official height! (Confirmed at the clinic) Whoop!!