Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend work in the yard

I think I'm done for the day so I will post this while sitting waiting for Angela to come back from driving school.

I got up early (?) to drop her off at 9 for her first session of driving. When I got back home I promptly went out back and dug a trench at the top of the wall. Why? To transplant Daylilies to. From where? From here:

Cant you see them? Yeah, neither can I. Thus the reason they being moved. Out of the jungle that has BIG burning bushes at the front that hide just about everything. Not to mention the shade. It's too much for the poor lilies.

So I dig and sweat and pull up this many:

Yea, my little wagon is FULL of Daylilies!

Off I go to the back to plant them, leaving the front to look like this now:

Better. I need to get some rocks in the back corner for the roof drain off and then some stepping stones to get to the dryer vent and hose bib in the corner. Probably from both directions. This way and in from the front door to the right of this picture.

After another 20 minutes or so we have this in the back yard!

And I'm hot sweaty and gross and hit the pool then laid out in the hammock:

Until I had to get dried off and head out to get Angela at noon for lunch following her first driving class with the instructor. ;) hope she liked it. She goes back this afternoon for her 2nd driving experience. Come to think of it I wonder if they're not out back doing parking lot driving today? Guess I'll find out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Look ma, no more braces!!

After a two and a half hour appointment this morning and a follow up hour this afternoon, Angela is officially braces free!!!

I haven't seen those teeth in YEARS!!  Good to see them again - even if they are behind a retainer :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Well, the kitchen cabinets are on order - good bad or indifferent they are on order and set to be delivered and installed on or about the 19th of this month.... when I plan to be on sight in FL. 
The gas line extension is on schedule for Monday for the 15th.  So... things are coming together.  AND if I get everything in place soon enough, measurements for the countertop? 
One can hope, right? 

NOW I’ll need to add the shaker look to the OLD cabinets – however, since it’s not all visible in one look (well, not from the door) I’ll hold off on that for a bit.