Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lowes is my "crack" in spring!

It all started with my trip to Lowes last week and the CUTE hanging planters. Sigh. I went to Lowes to get two more planters

Which I did. Along with two types of tomatoes, cherry and Roma; a bell pepper; a eggplant

AND 6 ground cover flowers as my verbena bit the dust with the freezes this year. Oh and 6 wave petunia to put in the hanging planters AND two potato vines just for good measure...and one succulent.

Before the flowers.

The other side in full bloom and perked!

With flowers:

Then I decided to put my pot if succulents over here too. And low and behold it did survive it just too a while coming back this spring.

The flowering ground cover... Alternating pink and yellow (hard to see as they are traumatized still)

And the veggies at the stair way. Right side

Lest side.

Now to keep them watered and happy!!