Thursday, September 29, 2011

Questions on WHY braces again

Ok, the question came as to Why?  Why does Angela have to have braces again – didn't she just have them a few years ago?  The answer is yes and here is why:

Because she's got BIG teeth and a little mouth.  She takes after both of us – Butch's little mouth, MY big teeth (whinnnie!) – ha!

Ok, seriously, she was put in the braces the first part to keep things lined up and together as they stretched her little jaw wider (wider… wider…)  so the first appliances were: bumper on the bottom to pull the lower jaw wider and a spacer on the roof of her mouth to crank the top open.  The top four front teeth were wired together with braces to keep them from gapping and make room for the canines that were to come.  So.. the jaw was wider, however, the teeth are/were still crooked while coming in and the canines really have little room to squeeze in there… but they are coming regardless.  So – now comes the braces to align and straighten things as they come in…

AND looking at her x-rays her 12 year molars are coming in sideways… so her wisdom teeth may have to come out sooner than Liz's did…

Poor Angie!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Metal Mouth once again!

Look who's back in full braces as of today!