Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let there be light!!

I'm so excited, look at the lovely pictures that Sally was sweet enough to send over from the kitchen and the new can lights that have been installed.
 yes, yes, yes, I know, to the untrained eye this looks HORRIBLE.  To me, it looks like progress!!!  This is looking towards the back door - these lights will be over the dining area and the "hall".  The square hole to the left is where the OLD light was in the ceiling.  The round hole in front of the middle can is the AC vent.  I need to load THOSE pictures too - Butch worked on cleaning the vent covers while I was in Florida weekend before last and they are looking NICE!  Also small hole in the wall from them fishing through the lines.
 Looking towards the cabinets (obviously) there are a few of the cans that don't currently have bulbs in them, however, the coverage is looking good for light.  Again the square hold in the middle is the OLD kitchen light over the sink and the one to the left has a larger hole as it was where another original light box was installed for the "hall" light.  The "L" in the right middle is where we took out the wall - and obviously needs to be repaired... now to ask the electricians if they will be fixing all the holes around the lights where they made the holes bigger to accommodate their fixtures and on the wall where they did the fishing...
And we keep on marching forward... slowly but surely.  Maybe it's time I learned how to drywall?  Hum... maybe, maybe...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Brainiac child....

Elizabeth is officially a brainiac.. she has been invited to attend the American Physical Society (APS) Physics March meeting in San Antonio, Texas.


She’s going on a grant from her University.  They will be staying the week and getting a feel for the speakers and how to present THEIR paper next year.  Yep, it’s official I have no idea where this came from… nawh, she’s all her daddy’s daughter!  The two of them could do math around me in circles.


So awesome that she’s getting this opportunity!  I guess this is the grace of being at a research based university. 

Go Lizzy!





Our 21st Anniversary was this year (on the 19th).

Butch kept calling it our Anti-versary. We went to dinner with Mom, Dad and the girls. Elizabeth even came home for the weekend - she claims it was for the free dinner :)

We had a very nice dinner at the Long Horn in Perry - STEAK yum! Then we went to Mom and Dad's for a rousing game of Push the Dummy. I thought of Nick with my score. Had Liz not caught me with a hand of 155, I would have finished the game at under 100 points like he did over Presidents day weekend! Ha! No such luck. Liz still ended up winning at less than 200 points. A good time was had by all.