Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shrub removal

I came home to the most red neck thing ever. A tan 1980s car with the drive with the trunk popped and two scraggy men with chain saws in the shade. Hum. Do they have the wrong house?? Nope. Had to call Butch to verify.

Here's how they left it in day one.

Day two they finished at dark, DARK.
But here's what it looks like today.

Everything is hacked off..

Note the holly that was Christmas tree shaped? Uhm yeah it's not anymore.
NOW it has a flat top :(

Here's what I mean about hacked. NOTHING Is done "nicely" but it's removed.

Weeds were not include in this deal as they would be silly to remove with a chain saw and that was ALL they used - ha!!

My poor Crepe Myrtle. Ok it's VERY early to trim this so it may not survive this abuse. Time will tell.

Side yard.... cleaner than the other yard because chains were still sharp and the day was young.

You can see the pile of cuttings here and over by the drive. Lots of debris.

Look!! I missed a few bulbs! Guess I'll transplant those later in the fall... or leave them there and see how they do without the evergreens shading them

What I didn't even realize until Butch told me was he removed a whole TREE in this effort too. All for the price a tree removal person would have charged for just the tree. Sooo. Now we spray with shrub removal to ensure nothing comes back and get a service to maintain it in the future.