Friday, July 20, 2012

TDY to Dayton

I didn't want to have to go, but it all worked out in the end. 
I took this picture for Liz as the XM radio I had contained Korean music and talk shows.  She would have LOVED it - me?  I sat on the channel long enough to see this and take a picture for her!
 Pretty sunset one night
 the photo's don't really do it justice it GLOWED bright pink - the camera on my phone just wasn't enough to do it... but it was all I had.
 AND regretfully the ONLY phone I had for the dinner photo op as well - we went to dinner one other time after this one too!
This is Doug (DJ), Wendy and Tess.  Tess is the same age as Lizzie and they were bath buddies in Aviano growing up - too bad they have NO memory of all that!

It was SO good to see them again!
 went to Red Robin for lunch while there too - hadn't been to one of these in ages.

 Rainy day departure.  I sat in the airport watching the rain and eating breakfast the day I left town... quite relaxing.
 check this - I got UBER leg room on my flight home.  I did have to play footsie with the flight attendant when she was sitting in the jump seat, however that wasn't for much of the trip.  Talk about an AWESOME seat to be in!!