Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo's from the weekend.

 Angie Thrilled with her 2nd Place
Liz on her way to the interview for Miss HOCO.

Monday, February 6, 2012

January Wrap-up

Although part of this wrap up will go through this weekend, and yes, this weekend WAS Feb (but just barely), I’m going to tell you about our busy, busy month!
Silly me, I had NO idea that Liz would take on the HUGE project of trying out for Miss HOCO this year, so I scheduled her for Drivers Education for the month of January.  She had 30 hours of classroom training, to include one weekend and weekday afternoons from 4:30 to 7:30pm for almost a full two weeks.  Then she started doing the in car practice to include parallel parking – yeah – I don’t have to try to teach her that one!  6 hours of behind the wheel training and she’s officially done with Drivers Ed!  That add s up to a lot of running to classrooms and although she was getting 1.5 hours per shot at behind the wheel training, it was done in three hour blocks as it was split between two drivers at a time.  So – it added up to some serious time input on her part.  Her last night driving they drove all over the place and drove themselves home – how convenient was that?  I didn’t even have to go get her!! 
Add to this a few evenings of practice for Miss HOCO as well and it added up to a VERY full month of running here there and everywhere.  According to my calendar I had 6 whole days without ANYTHING on the appointment schedule – now keep in mind some of that stuff was my appointments and Angela’s stuff as well, so it wasn’t ALL Liz, but a major portion was J
This all culminated this weekend with the pageant this weekend!
Lizzie did BEAUTIFULLY.  She was poised and beautiful on stage and did a great job.  Her talent (optional performance) had a slight glitch or two, but she recovered well on both accounts.  She did a flag routine to sleeping beauty with flag and saber.  Only one near drop when her flag hit the overhead curtain – oops – she was too far back on the stage! 
I’ll post a video of her during her evening wear when I get home – it just won’t post from cell phone or via email.  Drat it!  I ordered the CD from the professional photographer as well, knowing we would NOT have good lighting and no flashes were allowed.

Not to be outdone, Angela was wrapping up her Science Fair project about
the end of January too. The good news on this one is that she had
finished up the actual project and had done her presentation at school
at the beginning of the month, so on a day to day business issue - hers
was a wash.
The culmination of her 7th grade Science Fair was - drum roll please -
the 1nd of February with the presentation of the project to the judges.
Friday evening was the presentations to which Grandma Sally was able to
attend as well. Angela received a 2nd place for her presentation -
photo to follow shortly from Sally!
She was quite happy with her award and the board was nicely done.
Whew - talk about a busy, busy week...
And me with NO pictures to post to the blog yet!!