Friday, May 5, 2017

Liz - graduation

Day one. Cinco de Mayo
Of 3,37X students only 78 were Honors graduates. Lizzie was one of those 78!

Smartie pants!

Next in line!

Dr. Steven Engel, Director, presenting Liz with her Honors metal.

Dr. Steven Engel with Liz and Sally

The whole gang. (Angela was late arriving and missed the program!)

Dr. Francis Desiderio, Associate Director

Poor Angela missed the event due to getting out of school late. She has to drive out in her own after we got here. Once she arrived we headed out t dinner - her choice.

Where did she choose?

Ok so it really is rated the best

Still no proof that Angie was here as she ditched the photo, but really. She's here too ;)

Great food and a great night. Left Angela with Liz and Sally and Bitch and I headed to the hotel for the night!!

Tomorrow will be an early one with a 9am start!!! Pray for no rain as it's outside!!