Saturday, February 12, 2011

Look who's out of braces! (For now!)

She's in her retainer even - it's the new "Invisalign" type... pretty cool, eh?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random photos

Ok, I have put captions on this sheet MULTIPLE times and the dang pictures keep shifting, so you get what you get on the text on these... %^&*( pictures!!!
This is what happens to pots when you let them freeze, it's NOT all the way through; just the outer shell is cracked off - weird.

Liz, the adventure girl got a short hair cut this year. Winter not withstanding... she got this right before the horse show. It's cute, however has to be COLD in this weather. The hairdresser loves the fact that the girls will try new haircuts all the time :o)

Mom wanted to go see the Lipizanne stallions... so we went with her friend, Dad and the girls. Had a great time watching all the pretty horses preform

Fun show!

The ill fated plane that blew it’s engine on take off.

Another first – the only time I have used an emergency exit to exit the plane above and enter the new one as well – they didn’t have any stairs at this airport – it wasn’t meant to handle this size jet. Good thing the runway was long enough :o\

Fog coming into Norfolk from the sea

The first part of the tunnel and seagull pier going across the bay. On the way back from a road trip we passed directly under two large ships – one going out to see on the first tunnel (longest one) and one coming into port on this very tunnel

The same tunnel seen from the surface. Very cool thing to see.

Fish Taco’s at Aqua in Cape Charles. We had dinner the night before at Croakers (I had fried flounder/shrimp/crab cake) and the night after this we went to the Waterman (?) at Virginia Beach for some peppercorn flounder. I have to find that recipe. It was very good!

This was today coming home – just cool cloud patterns

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flying and new experiences

I had a fun (?) experience with flying to Virginia last week (Tuesday).  I thought it was going to be a beautiful flight.  Hardly anyone was flying.  The airport was semi-empty.  There were a lot of folks milling about talking about their cancelled flights into the north and central US with the storm that was ripping through the states.  The plane was mostly empty every other seat unoccupied – unusual in this day and age of flying.

Our take off was directly into the LOW clouds as it was foggy, misty, dreary day in Atlanta.  We're just into the clouds and BOOOOOMMMMMMM with a slight shutter, then silence.  No one is screaming, no one is talking, just quite.  We're not dropping, there is no smoke - however, no one is coming over the intercom to address what just happened.  Everyone waits very patiently (and quietly) - it's VERY quiet in every way - amazing when you're NOT going fast how quiet airplanes are.  There is little or no wind noise; there is no engine noise from climbing.

The flight attendant finally came on and told us the pilot would tell us what happened when he could and assured us he was probably pretty busy making sure everything is OK.  Gee, I HOPE he is busy trying to keep us in the air!!
‎‎5 minutes later, the pilot finally comes on and tells us we have an engine problem.. ya think?  Is it back on the ground from take off?  The pilot first said we were to land in Columbia South Carolina; however we only managed to limp to Augusta.

If ever there was a silver lining to this story is that due to the storms and the huge number of cancelled flights due to the storm, they were able to fly us a plane up in a matter of hours, not day - and not shuttling us all back in puddle jumpers to Atlanta.  We arrived in Norfolk at 6:30pm instead of 2:30 pm, however could have been a LONG day long or more process to get us all out of there had it been a full flight and a regular flying day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A few accomplishments...

Today put in two new sets of door locks - and have them rekeyed to a single set of keys... now to start the replacement from brass to stainless through the house... three done... 12 more to go (give ore take)