Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ah to be young!

Really, I won't even venture a guess at this thought process.... they are teens :o)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Every young girls dream...

Is to have a horse... not sure why... 
Ok, not even sure it IS every young girls dream, but it was always mine - and I got my dream.  Now the girls are learning to ride in prep for our vacation!  Liz HATES lessons of any sort - wants to learn on her own.  Angela THRIVES on lessons and loves it!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday afternoon project at Hotel DeAshwood

What a pretty color to greet you at the top of the stairs, don't you think??

 With matching pillows no less.
OK, so I need to get some of those pillows for the bed as well - but I did add a new crisp white duvet cover. That made a big difference in the room as well.  Now to clean up all the JUNK up there...
that's the NEXT project!!

Now for the full confession on these curtains.  I have been looking a LONG time for just the right color to scream BUY me... and nothing.  Then one day walking through Target (my fav place, as you all know!) and there were some (drum roll please) table clothes at 75% off.  I read the size on the, grabbed a few and headed back to the curtains and compared sizes - exact same size as a panel for curtains - no way!  So, I got 4 table cloths and the little clips (already had the rods in prep for the curtains) and headed home. 

How the girls spent the weekend

To their defense, they were both sick. Liz had been running a fever since Wednesday and was still puny.  Agela was getting a sore throat and was runing a low grade fever.  Poor girlies!

THIS is what Butch has been up to this weekend!

Digging for water
Water supply that is!
All spliced in and ready to go for a new water supply....
 Where is it going????
 Right HERE - at the side of the deck. 
Now if you have ever visited my house, you will know that I had a hose running from the side water spigot to the back of the house, the onto another reel of hose. Yes, tacky, but it did the job.  Now, however, with the new water supply ran, I have a water spigot right at the deck and a nice new METAL hose reel that should last me yearS - yes, as in plural.  We go through a lot of hose reels here :o)
 Master of his domain this weekend!
 re-installing the drain for the deck drain - a little modification here, a little modification there and he's re-installing it.
next up...
the rest of the sprinklers