Saturday, February 27, 2016

A mothers insanity (updated with Title list!)

So a discussion with a kid (Liz) revealed a desire for her to collect Laser Disk movies. Who remembers those?  I remember there was a "kid" in his 20s in Missouri who opened a little video store at the freeway there at Buckhorn exit (yeah, I had to look that one up!!). He not only rented the laser disks he would rent you the players too. That was in 1985ish. So, fast forward and laser disks fell out of fashion QUICKLY with VHS and the DVDs following suit. 

Liz found two disks at my favorite junk store a few months ago but put them back with a comment that the players were cost prohibitive. Ok case closed, right?  

Fast forward to this week at work when the discussion focused around a coworker whose mom stated "come get this stuff or it all goes to Goodwill". He talked about all the albums they took from her house and the reel to reel tapes (THAT will take some of you back!!). He and his wife are musicians. So these made sense to them. Then he mentioned she had a ton of Laser Disks that we're going to Goodwill. I commented that Liz had toyed with the thought of a collection but didn't have a player. Well ANOTHER co worker said she had a player she didn't want. The two discussed the types of laser disks in question and we determined the player would play said laser disks. 
So the laser disk player was delivered. It's a Pioneer from Japan - switchable dual voltage. It's in very good condition. 

So the decision was made and a deal was struck to pay for some laser disks to help out "Mom" the timing was good too as her heater just had issues so this will offset the cost of her repairs. Win/Win. 

So how many disks are we talking??  See for yourself. 
Are you floored??

Me too!!!  I regretted this decision after I had to carry them all into the house!!  The boxes are loaded light as she was loading them up to allow her to get the to her car. 

How many of them are there??  I have not done a physical count however have been told there are 235 of them. Yes, you read that correctly. 

I will be doing an inventory this weekend to document the titles of all of them and will have an official count them. (I'll update this post when I get it)

A bit of fun history. There were a few IBM instructional videos in there. The prior owner was involved in the creation of the first personal computer from IBM. He was a technician for IBM for years. He was also a professional photographer and would take pictures of food in Japan for the businesses to use in advertising. Interesting life, eh?

1 The Greatest Show on Earth 1952
2 The King and I  1956
3 The Time Machine 1960
4 Pippin 1972
5 King Kong  1976
6 Annie  1983
7 Patton  George C Scott
8 The Think  John Carpenter
9 10 Bo Derek
10 Bolero Bo Derek
11 Tarzan the Ape Man Bo Derek
12 The four Seasons Carol Burnett
13 Things are Tough all over  Cheech and Chong
14 Up in Smoke Cheech and Chong
15 The Man who fell to Earth David Bowie
16 The Black Hole  Disney
17 Sounds of Dolphins Jacques Cousteau 
18 A View to a Kill  James Bond
19 Dr No James Bond
20 For your Eyes Only James Bond
21 Goldfinger James Bond
22 Moon Rakers James Bond
23 Octopussy James Bond
24 On her majesties secret service James Bond
25 The man with the golden gun James Bond
26 The Spy who loved Me  James Bond
27 Thunderball James Bond
28 you only live twice James Bond
29 Rear Window Jimmy Stewart
30 To Roast a Chicken Julia Child
31 Theres a meeting here  Mary Trane
32 Avenging Force Michael Duskikoff
33 Elephant parts Michael Nesmith 
34 Nutcracker Mikhail Baryshnikov
35 Zombies of the Stratosphere  nemoy
36 zapped scott bayo
37 Everything you always wanted to know about sex woody allen
38 2010  
39  A Shot in the Dark  
40 9 to 5  
41 Airplane  
42 Airplane 2  
43 Alien  
44 All that Jazz  
45 Amityville 3D  
46 An American in Paris  
47 Android  
48 Back to the Future  
49 Bananas  
50 Bang the Drum Slowly  
51 Barbarella  
52 Battle Star Galactica  
53 Beetlejuice  
54 Best Little Whore House in Texas  
55 Blade Runner  
56 Blue Thunder  
57 Brigadoon  
58 Bugsby Malone  
59 Bustin Loose  
60 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid  
61 C.H.U.D.  
62 Caddyshack  
63 California Suit  
64 Cannonball Run  
65 Casablanca  
66 Casino Royale  
67 Cat People  
68 Cloak and Dagger  
69 Close Encounters of the third Kind  
70 Conan the Barbarian  
71 Conan the Destroyer  
72 Dances with Wolves  
73 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid  
74 Deal of the Century  
75 Death Hunt  
76 Death Wish 4  
77 Demon Seed  
78 Destination Moon  
79 Dirty Harry in the Dead Pool  
80 Doctor Zhivago  
81 Dumbo  
82 E.T.  
83 Escape to Witch Mountain  
84 Evening with Ray Charles  
85 Exodus  
86 Fahrenheit 451  
87 Fantasia  
88 Fiddler on the Roof  
89 Forbidden Planet  
90 Foul Play  
91 Galaxina  
92 Gandhi   
93 Ghostbusters  
94 Godzilla  
95 Gone with the wind  
96 Good Fellas  
97 Greystoke the Legend of Tarzan  
98 Heman and the Masters of the Universe  
99 Herbie Rides Again  
100 Herbie the Love Bug  
101 House Call  
102 Ice Pirates  
103 Iceman  
104 Inner Space  
105 Itzhak Pehana Beethoven  
106 Jazzercise  
107 Jim Fixx on Running  
108 Judy Garland in Concert  
109 Jurassic Park  
110 Key Largo  
111 Little Darlings  
112 Ma Vlast  
113 Manhattan Transfer   
114 Mary Poppins  
115 Mash  
116 Mel Torme and Della Reese  
117 Mission Galactica the Clone Attach  
118 Monty Python and the Meaning of Life  
119 Murder on the Orient Express  
120 My Bloody Valentine  
121 My Favorite Year  
122 Mystery Disk "Murder Anyone"  
123 Mystery Island  
124 Notorious  
125 Oh God you Devil  
126 On the Town  
127 Oriental Dreams  
128 Outland  
129 Pavorottie in London  
130 Petes Dragon  
131 Photographs by Kinshin Shinoyana  
132 Pirates of Penzance  
133 Plan 9 from Outer Space  
134 Play Misty for Me  
135 Popeye  
136 Psycho 2  
137 Psycho 3  
138 Quest for Fire  
139 Red River  
140 Revenge of the Nerds  
141 Revenge of the Pink Panther  
142 Robocop  
143 Rocketship X-M  
144 Rostropovich with the London Phil Harmonic  
145 Rough Cut  
146 Runaway  
147 Saturn 3  
148 Scannerds 2  
149 Scanners  
150 Shane  
151 Short Circuit  
152 Silence of the Lambs  
153 Sinbad and the eye of the tiger  
154 Slapstick of the Other Kind  
155 Slovanski Tance  
156 Smokey and the Bandit   
157 Smokey and the Bandit 2  
158 Smoking How to Stop  
159 Solarbabies  
160 Some Like it Hot  
161 Spacehunter  
162 Star Trek 2  
163 Star Trek 3  
164 Star Trek 4  
165 Star Trek Generations  
166 Star Trek the Motion Picture  
167 Star Wars    
168 Star Wars Return of the Jedi  
169 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back  
170 Starman  
171 Sudden Impact   
172 Superman 2  
173 Superman 3  
174 Superman 4  
175 Superman The Movie  
176 Swampthing  
177 Symfonice c9   
178 Takanaka Would  
179 Tank  
180 Tess  
181 The Ambushers  
182 The Beastmaster  
183 The Beatles Yellow Submarine  
184 The Big Sleep  
185 The Bionic Woman  
186 The Blue Lagoon  
187 The Boarder  
188 The Conversation  
189 The Curse  
190 The day of the Dolphin  
191 The Deep  
192 The First National Kidisc  
193 The Fog  
194 The joy of Stocks  
195 The Kmikado  
196 The last Starfighter  
197 The Nutty Professor  
198 The Odessa File  
199 The Patriot  
200 The Pink Panther   
201 The Pink Panther Strikes Again  
202 The Producers  
203 The Rating Game  
204 The Razors Edge  
205 The Sender  
206 The Shaggy Dog  
207 The South of Music  
208 The Sting  
209 The Stranger and the Gunfighter  
210 The Verdict  
211 the Witness  
212 The Witness for the Prosecution  
213 Three Men and a baby  
214 Time Bandits  
215 Treasure of the Sierra Madre  
216 Tron  
217 True Grit  
218 Twilight Zone the Movie  
219 Videodrome  
220 Vladamir Horowitz in London  
221 War of the Worlds  
222 Westside Story  
223 When Worlds Collide  
224 White Music by Talizman  
225 Winnie the Pooh  
226 yentle  
227 Yor  
228 You Were Never Lovelier