Saturday, November 29, 2014

And we're outa here...

Let's take a tour, shall we? (Entering from the carport far right middle)

The VERY messy kitchen. This is our staging area, so it's a bit trashed.

The newly painted hallway. You're looking yo the bedrooms.

Entry way looking good. Need to paint the front door, however the rest is nicely painted and holding for a closet door to be prepped and painted. (Looking north from the living room left side door)

Back into the hall and into the main bath. Still holding on some fixtures to be installed on the cabinets.... (I'm standing in the tub)

Onto the darkened master bedroom (we didn't take the paper off this morning. No more work to be done in there for the most part.

The master bath. Note there is a DOOR. it's the little things in life. We spent a few days without potty doors :). Freaked out the Plumbing guy ;)

Doors in place here too however missing a few (all) of the magnetic door latches.

On to bedroom number two. Looking good here too. Note paper on one of the windows :) This is the lower left bedroom.

Bedroom three AKA numbed room. Note that it's a happy room. :) thanks Angela.

On to the living room. Full circle now! Yes that's Butch photo bombing me!

Here's the last shot (taken from where Butch was). And with that we're still short a gas connection. Still need to arrange flooring and electrical. And the list goes on....

Friday, November 28, 2014

Day four (really five, but we took a day off)

I'm gonna cry today. Damn gas line is still leaking!!

Yep that's a confirmed LEAK still. ARG!!! I have NO idea how we are going to remedy this. I called them (guys who "fixed" it) and left a message that there is still a leak.

On a positive note trim is looking GOOD as are walls and ceilings.

Butch doing trim work!!

We worked until we lost light. We managed to get 2 coats of paint in the back side of the house and the ceiling pained on the living room before we were working by lamp light. Not ideal for painting for sure. We called it a night and went to Stewby's for dinner.

Fresh seafood!

Liz has a happy hush puppy. ;)

Angela made a happy french fry - until LiZ bit his head off ;)

We had a nice dinner then home for a rousing game of Push the Dummy. Liz and Angela went to the movies to see Big Hero Six.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy thanksgiving.

A day full of electronics.

Do you think they're ready to eat?

Butch and his mom finishing their prep!

Dig in!!

The aftermath!

Lush!! (Really is sparking cider)

And a great Thanksgiving day was had by all. Especially the paint crew who didn't have to work :)

Day three ...

Day three and zero pictures. To my defense nothing has really changed. There is just a bit more paint on the walls and trim, but nothing was really different/different ya know.

The gas line leak has now been fixed for the 2nd time to the tune of $150+ the original "fix" was the gas line move ($400+ chaching!!) yeah ouch.

Oh yeah hardware!! Door hardware, specifically the 1/2 bath door was reinstalled. Why is this important?? Well the plumber dude wanted to use the bathroom however I had to tell him that we had no doors and to use the front potty and we would keep folks out of that room. Ha! That door has been reinstalled and is now able to be shut and locked. Whoohoo! It is indeed a great thing to pee in private again ;)

The trim is now 99% done. The back bedroom still needs first coats of all paints as well as the living room. The small bedroom needs another coat of wall paint and it's pretty well done.

The baths are deemed done but we need to put the doors all back onto the cabinets. Along with its hardware. Then cleaning. Kitchen is a far cry from done. Nothing touched yet. Sigh. So much to do, so little time!! Tomorrow is a holiday and we're not working in the house. (Unless I sneak over and paint something)

Oh, and I painted my seat in my car. Sigh. Gotta get that off tomorrow as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day two.... Shoot me now

Should have taken a picture of the lovely gauge at ZERO. Ugh. We have a leak. }}%*'^%<£¥ what does this mean? $$$ I'm sure. Sigh. So the plumbers were called back and they will go on a leak hunt and we will hemorrhage a bit of money. Sigh.

BUT the rest of the house went very well today. Doors almost all done - well those that were prepped. There is ONE more to pull off the hinges (front hall closet) and one bedroom door that we have to drill out the blasted hardware.

This is a sample of the art work around the house :)

Those are blinds in the floor anyone need some vertical blinds??

My paint crew :)

The beginning.

The hall done. The trim needs a few more coats.

The master again the trim (base boards) need another coat if paint.

The closer doors are looking GREAT in white rather than brown.

The tiny room is happy. Ha! Painted walls, ceilings and walls.

Need to paint the closet.

The crew hard at work...not really, they were painting messages on the door.

The day ended early as it was. Dark and dreary day. Rained all day on and off. In the end we have the master done with the exception of baseboards. The smallest bedroom has two coats on the ceiling and one on the wall. The hall has one on the walls. Mostly cause I want to wait for Butch to see if he wants to take out the whole house fan this weekend.

Tomorrow is hardware day. I need to get hardware for the bathrooms and the interior doors. Start putting SOME things back together.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 1 thanksgiving work week

The gas line is moved. Yay. Now pray for no leaks.

So this is right after they left.
Noted one of the bushes out front looks like this:

Pretty camellias. I haven't looked in the back where I know there are more. Maybe tomorrow?

For today we have all the baseboards primed with Kilz. Some of the doorways have the first coat of trim paint. I had started to paint the cabinets in the bath with the sprayer then it decided it didn't want to put out any paint. Damn thing. So back to rollers. Ugh.

I think I have a good head start on the cabinets doors as well. May be ready to put them back on the end of this week?

Doors primed and painted with some trim paint as well. And progress is moving forward. Slowly but forward.

Pictures tomorrow. We were dragging butt out the door and it was getting dark so no pictures on the way out.