Friday, November 28, 2014

Day four (really five, but we took a day off)

I'm gonna cry today. Damn gas line is still leaking!!

Yep that's a confirmed LEAK still. ARG!!! I have NO idea how we are going to remedy this. I called them (guys who "fixed" it) and left a message that there is still a leak.

On a positive note trim is looking GOOD as are walls and ceilings.

Butch doing trim work!!

We worked until we lost light. We managed to get 2 coats of paint in the back side of the house and the ceiling pained on the living room before we were working by lamp light. Not ideal for painting for sure. We called it a night and went to Stewby's for dinner.

Fresh seafood!

Liz has a happy hush puppy. ;)

Angela made a happy french fry - until LiZ bit his head off ;)

We had a nice dinner then home for a rousing game of Push the Dummy. Liz and Angela went to the movies to see Big Hero Six.

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