Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day two.... Shoot me now

Should have taken a picture of the lovely gauge at ZERO. Ugh. We have a leak. }}%*'^%<£¥ what does this mean? $$$ I'm sure. Sigh. So the plumbers were called back and they will go on a leak hunt and we will hemorrhage a bit of money. Sigh.

BUT the rest of the house went very well today. Doors almost all done - well those that were prepped. There is ONE more to pull off the hinges (front hall closet) and one bedroom door that we have to drill out the blasted hardware.

This is a sample of the art work around the house :)

Those are blinds in the floor anyone need some vertical blinds??

My paint crew :)

The beginning.

The hall done. The trim needs a few more coats.

The master again the trim (base boards) need another coat if paint.

The closer doors are looking GREAT in white rather than brown.

The tiny room is happy. Ha! Painted walls, ceilings and walls.

Need to paint the closet.

The crew hard at work...not really, they were painting messages on the door.

The day ended early as it was. Dark and dreary day. Rained all day on and off. In the end we have the master done with the exception of baseboards. The smallest bedroom has two coats on the ceiling and one on the wall. The hall has one on the walls. Mostly cause I want to wait for Butch to see if he wants to take out the whole house fan this weekend.

Tomorrow is hardware day. I need to get hardware for the bathrooms and the interior doors. Start putting SOME things back together.

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