Friday, June 10, 2011

Water Play

Water Play on the3rd and on the 8th with Liz, Cullen and Keaton

 What happend when you have PROOF you pushed the ring out of the way!
 Do you think Liz finds this funny?  ha!

And now the "right way" without someone shoving the ring out of the way...

 it's a ringer!

Lizzie's turn and note that Cullen is MUCH nicer than Liz was :o)

On the 14th with Keaton too - Liz wasn't swimming this day

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, I finally did something I had been thinking of doing for quite some time.  I quit!
Quit what?  One of my outside jobs.  I had been saying for quite a while I wanted to do just that and an incident over the weekend was pretty much the clincher to let me know it was time.  Time to quit getting upset, time to quit stressing and time to move on. 
So... I took a deep breath and did it - I quit.  I did it as nicely as I could.  I hate conflict which is why I guess I had avoided the inevitable for as long as I did.  There had been incidents in the past that had me flustered, enough so to get mom to asking why didn't I just quit.  The weekend incident was the kicker.  I don't typically work on Saturday's at all, however due to a snafu on Friday, I left my folder at the house and knew I wouldn't get a chance to get to that shop becuase of their hours until Wednesday or Thursday the next week and I was the one that didn't want to do that. 
In hind sight I should have just stuck to my original working hours and acknowledged that there was a snafu on the delivery and arrange for a later delivery - everyone is told to not tell their customers of delivery because it is ALWAYS "if the rivers don't rise and the kids don't have issues" and in this case I didn't have the luxury of backtracking that day due to kid obligations. 
So.  All in all, I had some guilty feelings due to a pending order, however, in my defense it was a partial order.  Two of the three part had been submitted, however not the third part.  I just wasn't comfortable prolonging the inevitable and I'm not comfortable with shifting orders/partial orders. 
And today?  Well, today was the day I went by to pick up the book and the posters from the shop.  It was uncomfortable.  The owners car was in front of the store, however she was nowhere to be seen.  I gave them the refund and thanked her for the poster and book and sample and left. 

All done.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ear update....

Last visit I said no more updates, but really, you HAVE to see this.  No more need to warn those with weak stomach's - the ear is looking quite healed.  I know it's not quite there, but I "wear" it and know how tender it still is, but the results on the front are outstanding.
 The back looks bad, but in all reality it is 1,000% better than it's been.  There are still little "lesions" but nothing horrible, and not really notice unless you are morbid and zooming WAY in like I do to see how well it's healing.  To my defense I had a VERY hard time staying out of the pool this weekend, and last weekend as well, staying out of the ocean.  Looking at this now let's me know that every time I have NOT gotten in the water it's been a good choice.
There are a very few spots that are in need of more healing time.  It's almost "normal" on the back now.  I figure in about two or three more weeks it will look as good as the front as it seems to be healing that direction - front to back.  The front looked horrible for a while, and it healed, so there is hope for the back as well.  Now if I could just not SLEEP on it.  There's the million dollar investment - someone needs to invent a way to get a molded ear protector for those having ear surgery to allow them to sleep at night and not crush their poor ears.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Party here, A party there

Well, this was the party weekend.  I’ll add pictures when I get home tonight (if all goes well).  Sally was able to come up and share in all the festivities and I think we pure wore her out, she’s going to have to go home just to rest up from all the activity!
Friday started at 3pm with a party for Liz’s really good friend “C”.  She’s going to be moving overseas after this summer and is quite sad as they had been looking at a house in our neighborhood that was PERFECT for their family.  However, jobs and opportunity for the parents was much better overseas, so off they go at the end of the summer.  We’ll be sad to see them go!

Her birthday wish this year was to have a party at the house they had been looking at in our neighborhood. I told her mom “D” that, although she couldn’t have a party at HER house in the neighborhood, she COULD have on at mine :o) And so the party was born. We had a GREAT time and a pool full of teenagers. They are a great bunch of kids. We started out at 3pm and I finally had to call it at 10pm – they had a GREAT time!
 Lizzie and little sister M with the cake they made for C - they did an awesome job!
 Are you counting?  Yes, that is SEVENTEEN in the pool - there were two more on the sidelines (kids that is) and one of them finally made it into the pool :o)  Talk about a FULL house!!
 The grandma's hanging in the shade, or what's left of it.  We finally had to bring out the easy up and sit it over the hot tub so we could dip our feet in the cool water and enjoy the rest of the evening.
They're in school mode lining up for hot dogs and burgers :o)

I had to chase them out of the yard at 10pm.  I think that's enough since we stared at 3pm, don't you?

Saturday was Butch’s 50th birthday party.  We had a good time and a lot of folks from the scuba club were able to make it.  The roll call was Mike, Jane and Grady, Theresa, Adam and Natalie, John and Mary Jo, Richard and Patty.  Butch’s coworker Dave and his wife.  From my work we had: Dave and Marie, Karen and Chris.  From kids and schools we had Amy and Kevin and their two kids, Debbie and George, their two kids and her mother Sue.  Neighbors Eve and Pat and their three boys and we had a whole patio full and a good time was had by all.  We started out at 7pm and the timing really couldn’t have been better as there was a good breeze coming up by that time.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the last folks trickled out at close to midnight. 
Before - 16 years ago!

After - 2010
The horrible thing?  I brought my camera out with me to the deck, but didn’t take a picture one.  How very sad is that?  I was having way too much fun going from group to group, chatting and catching up and enjoying the night.  Bad wife, bad wife!

Sunday – we all went into napping/recuperate mode!