Monday, November 28, 2011

And not to be outdone - with time off for Thanksgiving came some projects!

A truly scary before on the right - this was BEFORE I scrubbed them.  Ewh.  Can you say years of dust and grease?  GAG.  however, to their defense, they really did clean up nice (left) ($.50 each)
 And painted up even cuter :)

Have the throw in a non "craft" project - the backsplash all installed and looking better than it ever has!
 AND Butch hung up my new mop/broom/crap hanger in the room as well!  Yeah!!  I think now all I have left to do is the vinyl and I'm DONE with this room and can move on to the Kitchen (insert sound of heels dragging!)

Ok, ANOTHER one that I swore I had a before picture of before I started.  Hum.  What happened to the before?  I don't even know when I bought this for a whopping $5.xx  it was on 75% off at my favorite thrift store and I actually had walked away from it and we had driven back out of town, however stopped at a local hamburger joint for lunch... while we sat there, we discussed this piece and figured out it would look cute in the girls bathroom over the toilet... and it sure does!  We drove back and picked it up before it was gone..
 The only issue it had was it was missing one of the wooden slats that separate the inside from the corner shelf.  It's just thing bolsa wood, so I went to Michaels and found a piece just the right height... the cost?  $5.xx  So my $5.00 shelf is now a $10.xx shelf, but oh, so cute.
 And started to be used to get some of the stuff off of the sink - yeah!!

I'm on a white kick and finally put the last coats on this cute little table as well.
Another very inexpensive find at $8.00 a little paint and wallah!

If you're thinking what I'm thinking... that the paint prior had a lot more "character" you're correct, but I haven't had the heart to "distress" this one yet...
maybe someone will give it a happy home where it won't be distressed?  Hard to know for sure.  I've debated putting it on Etsy to see if I could sell some of my finds.. but I'm not there yet.


Our Thanksgiving could have been MUCH longer and made us all much happier, however, we're still eating Ham and Turkey - what's not to love there?  Yum!  I was the cook this year, with a lot of help from Angela.  She has turned out to be quite the helper and a good hand in the kitchen as well.  She helped inject Mr. Tom and get him all set with some Cajun season and everything - she loved it. 
Our menu this year was: Turkey (roasted), stuffing, gravy, Ham, Sweet Potato souffle (thanks Sue Brumbaugh!), Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, strawberry jello salad and of course the olives and pickles.  Can't forget the pickles and olives!

Sally was able to join us from Florida and Mom and Dad came over for the feast as well.

The table all set and ready to go with extra room added on to get everyone in!
 Sally Making the gravy!
 Of course we have to have three shots to get everyone in... I should have just photo shopped me in from the next picture (picking the best of course - ha!)

Think Angela is tired of getting her picture taken?  ha!
 The aftermath!  Look at the turkey - all picked clean - oink!  Kidding, my favorite part is to pick the turkey, so while we were all digesting, that's just what I did - I sat there and picked the turkey clean :D
After a little more digesting, we broke out the "Push the Dummy" and finished off the night with a piece of carrot cake, pecan pie or Pumpkin pie - your choice!

Angela even left a lot of turkeys outside for us too :)