Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving dinner was a wonderful HUGE meal!! It was turkey, ham, stuffing and ALL the fixings. We had Sally's neighbors over for dinner as well.

We opted for "grey" Thursday and went to Kmart @ 8pm Thanksgiving night. We picked up a few good finds to include some surprises.

At midnight we headed over to Kohl's along with hundreds of others going there for boots.... 100's of folks going up non-functioning escalators. Fun, fun, fun. Not. Here is the line in front if us winding around the building and another half a building! Lots of people HOWEVER the folks at the door who worked Kohl's would tell you where in the store the item you wanted would be located in the store. Sweet!! I knew exactly where I was going when I went in. It worked out well.

And the line behind as well. Almost to the road. Wow!!

The only part about the night that bugged me was the lady (I use that term VERY loosely) was an idiot. The store workers came to the back of the line to let us know they were out of TVs that were to door buster. The gal first asked what they were giving away. Hello? Nothing is free @ these things. Then when she heard they gave all the vouchers out she complained they should have done them randomly through the line - hello? First come first served. Get here EARLY for the good stuff fool. I think we could have gotten in line when we got here and gotten one, however it wasn't what we were there for...

Kohl's was something simile with some younger women asking what everyone was in line for.... Hello. Same thing you will be when you get to the back of the line, I'm sure!!

One gal was cutting in line and got an earful from me. Cut behind me if they'll put up with it, but not in from if me fool! Goodness. Stupid people show up just as it opens and cut the line by half? Give me a break. Stand in line like he rest of us!

We got home and in bed by 3am and didn't do the early morning thing in Black Friday.

That's not to say that we didn't go out on Friday, we did. We went to Lowes and Home Depot to look at trees then to Office Depot for odds and ends. Then Joanna's fabrics later that night. Fun, fun, fun. I did find what I had in mind for the outdoor chairs. Score!!

So that's what we did this weekend for Thanksgiving. What did you do?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Prep

Oh the mention of my hoarding and here are all the table cloths. I know I had some cream ones to match the brown with flowers however I think they went to moms or some else's house to live. I count 15 HOWEVER a lot of these can be used every day as they are red checked with no green, plain white and plain red. I have yet another bin with chair covers. Yep 6+ chair covers. I have enough to do all green and I think I have enough to do all red as well. I may have some cream ones in there too and a LOT of napkins. Again in solid colors so they have some flexibility.

While in the attic Angela discovered the horse statues. Sigh. They all came die. I was going to thrift them until Butch got on line and encouraged eBay for those. Guess I'm doing some research and putting them in eBay in the new year.

So while bringing all Christmas down I have culled the following.

A box of Christmas odds and ends:

A bag with double bells in vine, three youth sleeping bags, five sheet sets in twin and a little mire Christmas:

I also hung up our Christmas cross stitch from Linda:

Elizabeth decorated the mantle:

I put up my "Flakes" cross stitch/painting:

And the Christmas card holder found a new home:

We didn't get the Christmas tree out just yet. It's too heavy for me and the girls.

All the boxes are crammed into my craft room: