Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Prep

Oh the mention of my hoarding and here are all the table cloths. I know I had some cream ones to match the brown with flowers however I think they went to moms or some else's house to live. I count 15 HOWEVER a lot of these can be used every day as they are red checked with no green, plain white and plain red. I have yet another bin with chair covers. Yep 6+ chair covers. I have enough to do all green and I think I have enough to do all red as well. I may have some cream ones in there too and a LOT of napkins. Again in solid colors so they have some flexibility.

While in the attic Angela discovered the horse statues. Sigh. They all came die. I was going to thrift them until Butch got on line and encouraged eBay for those. Guess I'm doing some research and putting them in eBay in the new year.

So while bringing all Christmas down I have culled the following.

A box of Christmas odds and ends:

A bag with double bells in vine, three youth sleeping bags, five sheet sets in twin and a little mire Christmas:

I also hung up our Christmas cross stitch from Linda:

Elizabeth decorated the mantle:

I put up my "Flakes" cross stitch/painting:

And the Christmas card holder found a new home:

We didn't get the Christmas tree out just yet. It's too heavy for me and the girls.

All the boxes are crammed into my craft room:

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