Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas... what little I have up...

Was in all reality in place on or about Thanksgiving... and it consists of this:
One nativity that Grandpa Ashwood made.  Butch's mom was sweet enough to bring this down for us this year, so it was promptly put up on the entry table.  I think for safety we should move it to the one behind the couch, but I haven't gotten that far yet!
Another thing from Sally - some very cute place mats with snowflakes stitched on them, matching napkins and some cute napkin rings the girls helped make - such a festive table isn't it?

... up on the roof top reindeers pause....

Oh, wait, no… that’s the squirrels above the drop ceiling running around, disregard.

Ha!  Can you imagine what will happen if one of those ceiling tiles happens to fall with one of those chubby little squirrels on it?  All heck is going to break loose!!!  There is a missing tile in one gals office and she turned around one day to see a squirrel peaking out at her.  Ha!  Love it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Bench with promise....

One more of my MANY projects that are ongoing is this lovely (?) bench... to it's defense, it is a very sturdy and comfortable little bench... and it has springs... and for $10 it was really screaming to come home with me as my FIRST ever upholstery project.  I MAY regret this decision yet!
 the bottom is looking OK, but not knowing what those strings are all about.. to keep the springs from springing too far up?  It's a mystery for now...
 So, let the great reveal happen... Angela and I grabbed some pliers and started ripping off the cover to find THIS underneath... EWH.  NOT what I was thinking would be under there.  I'm not SURE what I expected but lovely 50's bridge scenes was not it. 
 Looks like the original/original fabric was in oranges and reds.  No telling what that looked like.
 Angela is definitely my helper of helpers, but she is getting grossed out by this fabric and it's age as well - ha!
 string mystery solved.  Apparently the buttons came off ages ago and the "fix" was to pull the string through the bottom of the bench and affix them to the side with nails.  Interesting approach.  I don't think I'll do it that way.  But OK.  Also the batting is very loose batting, so we opted to chuck it as well.  The strings are stiff with age and heaven knows what else, so I think it's time to go back to the basics for this poor thing!
 all that is left is the burlap.  I debated removing it too, but it's stapled to the springs, and that's just a bit more work than I plan on doing.  I will have to put another layer of fabric over the burlap to "help" it stay in one piece, but for now, it stays.
I have painted the legs white... but pictures of that process will come in a few more weeks as we make progress.

The *&^#$%&*( lockers

After the parade, I decided to cut the back way and head on to the house - well, after Liz passed in the parade - and they were near the first ones in the parade, so it was early.  I kept seeing blue lights flashing pushing me farther and farther from the house, so by the time I hit Green Street I gave up and decided I would see what Salvation Army Thrift store had to offer me this fine Saturday.

I wandered the store and found... nothing.  Then I noted they were having a yard sale - they have a HUGE 3 sided pole barn setup outside the building, so I hoofed it out there to see what they had.  They had lots and lots and lots of projects out there, but this one caught my eye.  I have always wanted some old lockers to refurb... and look what I found for a whopping $15.00

 This is the part both girls fell in love with - of all things - the cow stickers on the front of one of the doors.  How very funny is that?  They both want to be able to keep the cows.  ha!

 HERE is why I got them for $15 - two of the door are damaged.  This door is the worst - I have no idea what could have ripped the thing off the hinges and NOT dent the door. That is some talent, for sure.  However, being the pragmatic girl I am, I think the center middle can be an open shelf type area with contrasting colors painted... what do you think?
 I'm telling you talent - the bottom hinge is ripped ALL The way off - whowzer - someone with strength!!

"Orange" you glad it's December?

I've had a hankering to find one of these old type juicers for a while... and wouldn't you know it, I found one at Goodwill for a whopping $2.02  I'm telling you, it really IS the little things in life.  I got this, washed it up and gathered ALL my oranges and tangelos from the fruit sale at schools - yes, as in plural.  Both the High School and the Middle School band chose to sell fruit THIS year.  Grrrr - so our fruit bowl over floweth.
 Here is the "pile" of fruit to be done.  most were still good - a few had some molding at the seeds - YUCKO!
 So, I'm there juicing away happily when Angela saw what I was doing SHE wanted to try.  Can you see something like Huck Finn here?  No *I* want to do this, I have wanted to do this for a while... if you insist you can HELP with one or two... really, I want to do this, don't do them all - hahahaha.  She did majority of them with me on clean up duty.  We got almost a full gallon of juice - something I wasn't anticipating, and it is soooo good!
 Being in the kitchen and seeing the wish bone it was determined it was TIME to wish on that bad boy... so they pulled ....
 and readjusted fingers and PULLED... and pulled...
 and the wishbone won for now... we'll dry this a bit more and try again in a week or two more!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

High School Christmas Parade

After a two hour wait while I did laundry at the laundromat ... here they come!!!

 I see Lizzie - do YOU see Lizzie?
 THERE is Lizzie and for once - on MY side of the street!!!  Yeah!!  I even got a sly wave from her (although a HUGE no-no in the parade from band members!)
 And there she goes!!!  By Lizzie - have fun marching!