Friday, October 14, 2016

Is it a wrap??

The back door.
There are literally no straight on shots of the back door. Hum. Apparently we concentrated on the interior. Yeah, it's true but this is an excerpt from a prior photo giving you an idea on how the blinds in the back door were.

They were metal, undersized and clanked every time you opened and closed the door if they were down.

Today this is how they look. I bought some cellular shades the proper size to cover the whole window for privacy AND put the bottom mounts in as well. NO clanking!!


The rest of today was painting, waiting for paint to dry and painting again.

The payoff is huge!! Doors on all the closets!!




It seems weird to have closet doors now. I put in some door guides to keep them from swinging in and out.

I've even cleaned all my mess up too. One more coat in my "boo-boo" I did in the coral room and were all good! Yay. Productive few days here.

Work and play, work and! play

So today was another early morning. Yesterday it was a 4 or 5 am wake up due to the fridge noises. I did go back to sleep after that, but still interrupted sleep. Today was the sprinklers. It sounded as though some one was walking through leaves outside my windows. Crunch, crunch, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. Yeah, no, it was the sprinklers hitting the palm by the front door. Then I laid back down and got a text. To that persons defense there was no way they could have known that I was an hour behind their 8am time frame (7am here). Sigh. I'm up now!!

The "grass" looks deceptively green doesn't it?

Yeah. It's not. It's sparse and very iffy! Oh well there's time to make it pretty.

What did I do today?? I got up and went into the shed to see what paints I had left over. I had a tiny bit of trim paint. NOT enough to cover four closet doors. Drat it! Off to Home Depot for trim paint.

Of course before I left for Home Depot I saw the poison and decided to poison the yard (squirrel!!) and turn off the sprinkler system per Butch's request. So I poisoned the yard and went looking for the drain valve.

The sprinkler box was full of sand. I dug it out. Did I mention I LOVE yard work here as it's all sand. NO clay!!!! It's so lovely to work in!!

Sprinkler box all dug out!! No drain by the way!! Oh well, it's done. I texted Butch and he told me where the drain plug is. It's all drained out now!!

And the doors now have paint on the fronts!! Making progress!!

While between coats I saw a fluttering outside and wondered "what the..??" I liked closer. Can you see it??

Yeah, when I went out to take a picture I scared it. It eventually came back. A BIG vulture! He was eating a squirrel that had been on the road squished from the night prior.

Oh and on a side note our pumpkin seed are done and tasty!!

We hung out at the house for the day watching TV, napping and painting doors.

For dinner we went to Old Bay Steamer for Angela to have her crab legs for dinner.

We order a big steamer bowl with shrimp and crab legs. Yum!! Angela had her fill of crab legs. She was nice enough to share a few legs with her grandma and me.

It was a GREAT dinner!! We barely finished it all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Break in Florida...and some at home

Well Angie wanted to stay in town to go to the fair. Ok I can start my vacation (which, when you own a vacation house is NOT a vacation) but, hey humor me. Ok?

So the vacation started out as nothing like a vacation. Liz and her friend Madison came home due in part (and thanks to Hurricane Mathew) they came to the house on Thursday night. It turned out to be a LONG road trip for them as they were stuck in the mandatory evacuation traffic from Savannah. Yeah the 2.5 hr trip took them 5. Butch's poor cousins were stuck in the same traffic for over SEVEN hours!! They took us up on our offer to stop and stay at our house on Thursday night. Cindy and her mom (Aunt Mildred) called first but Mary, her husband and their grand baby Braxton and three dogs. Full house! All was well. We had enough beds for all.

They all got up early and made their way the rest of the way to ATL that morning.

We ate Korean, had Waffle House and on Sunday I did laundry at the laundromat for sleeping bags and larger comforters.

On Monday I went to the fair with Angela and Gracie. I went and checked out her art and walked the fair. I saw nothing that I hadn't already seen a thousand times before.

Angela's self portrait.

Her sea creatures.

New signs in the freeway.
We settled in and visited with Sally, had some dinner and headed to the beaches watch sunset.


So the night prior I turned on the light in the master bath and it went semi dark. Sigh. It was a curly bulb so I figured I would just change it and be done. Yeah, no such luck.

The inside plug receptacle was loose and spinning. I was thinking that a wire got crossed. Well, no wires crossed. Hum...what gives??? So after all that I changed to ANOTHER new bulb and it worked. Sigh. All that for nothing. Well, not really nothing. I did tighten the inner receptacle so that's a plus. So light tightened and put back.

Quote for insulation requested and the guy came out and will be sending me a quote in email shortly. Yay!! No more hot/cold kitchen.

And in the light of day I took a picture of Butch's new grass. It's not much, but it's there.

It's getting there.

So during the day we went shopping and wandering around town. We ended up with a pumpkin!! Angela's request.

She dug right in as soon as we got home. I grabbed the seeds and brined them for roasting tomorrow.

While out I picked up an oil dispenser so that's filled. (Filling here)

And HERE is how far I got with the doors today. I got one coat of Kilz in before I ran out. So tomorrow I guess it's a trip to Home Depot for some Kilz. I need to check my paints too to see if I have trim paint in the shed or not.

Pumpkin in pogress

But in the mean time it was off to the beach to watch the sunset.

Butch called just as the sun was going down so no pictures for today. :(

On the way home a late dinner of Stewby's and watching Hocus Pocus

And Angela finished her pumpkin. :)

Both nights she abandoned me for a more familiar place to sleep. Fickle girl. Happy Grandma!!